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  1. Covering a car show isn't that easy

  2. Covering a car show isn't that easy

  3. jiyeon's image made me buy an iriver unit.... and made me want for more. XD
  4. jiyeon looking innocently to the camera + apple with some bites = "omg. I got stucked on this image. she's so pretty"
  5. the picture of jiyeon on the carousel.... just reminds me of stairway to heaven.
  6. I was looking at jiyeon's image...... then I saw carabiners...... well... I wanna go rock climbing with her on that attire. XD
  7. jiyeon smiling + V-sign = "i'll stop reading my books for a while coz i'm currently looking at the prettiest girl I saw in my whole life." :wub:
  8. reading this article is quite saddening for some reasons.... Taking consider the standing of T-ara right now, they are doing good. Second thing, to the management their reasons seems to be logical... but to a fanboy like me replacing the members of T-ara isn't a good idea.
  9. lolz! I will download the app! It will be cute to see Eunjung on my phone. XD XD.
  10. like what @LurveJiyeon13 said, where we can order this amazing cd + photobook? It's so cute. Really really cute
  11. After looking at Jiyeon noona's image.... now I wanna climb even Mount Everest... if I am with her..... <3
  12. Thanks for sharing such nice wallpaper.... the girls looks so pretty on those sports attire. :wub:
  13. looking at the images..... omjiyeon.... jiyeon is so pretty.... I do think that she be a cover girl for a fashion magazine even in Europe. XD she's really really really really pretty!
  14. omjiyeon! Jiyeon is really really cute on that image of her....... the pout looks almost looks like a kiss. <3 <3
  15. looking at Jiyeon's face...... oh my... she is really stunning.... the way she smiles is really perfect.... and it brightens up my day. XD
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