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  1. I have really been looking forward to this, but if boram and soyeon are not in it ... it's a big minus for me at least.. Still looking forward to it though, just thought they would all be in it
  2. Does anyone know where to purchase the EDM Sugar free club edition as a CD? haven't seen it on Yesasia, kpopmart or kpoptown
  3. wow. Queens slayed again. Daebak so beautiful bby Boram and cutie pretty ;_;;;♥
  4. Shinsagond Tiger because his songs suit T-ara and they are awesome. + a club song for T-ara=awesome
  5. Such a great giveaway. The autographed album would be amazing
  6. such a fun idea to make a game about T-ara~ and great that everyone can play it for free~
  7. Too bad there were only 18 items in total?! in the Soompi shop, would have been fantastic to own any of the 18 T~T But good T-ara is doing great selling the items in the bazaar and doing great work for charity!
  8. I visited Soompi and followed the links but the shop link didn't work and there's nothing new in the genie stream from t-ara Typical, missed it by an hour and everything in the Soompi shop is sold out to bad, they weren't even that expensive, well the stream is still going on for two hours
  9. Congratz to our Queens!! ^^ so glad they got the two wins that they totally deserved!!
  10. I can't watch it live because of my work , could someone possibly record it and post it to diadem afterwards??
  11. In Yesasia it says in the title of the x'mas edition "release cancelled", hopefully it just means they release it later??!!! and not just cancel the whole album?!
  12. Number 9 sounds lovely in Japanese~ especially Eunjung and Soyeon's parts~
  13. Yes I have been waiting for this~ The teaser looked awesome with all the nice clothes and Mongolian scenery~ +never too many T-ara music videos~ can't wait
  14. wow. It's beautiful. The video is beautiful and the song is beautiful. I liked it really much live but as a full song it's really beautiful when you can hear their voices and the music's elements clearly~ always listen the song first time as a fully released HD music video, or audio and after that a live version, because it's just so different how much better the live sounds when you know the HD, CD version of the song yeah~ Let's see how it's like on shows like music bank etc.~ And I wonder when it's released to be sold as a CD 8o in YesAsia etc.
  15. Can't wait to see the music video(s) and hear HD songs!!! Number 9 sounds good and the dance is great but everything looks and sounds better and more clear in HD~ T-ara fighting!!
  16. The modeling photos with DPG clothes look lovely 8) and Boram has lovely clothes in these pictures~ And nice that there will be a Japanese version of number 9 too~
  17. Can't wait!!! I don't understand why people are complaining about shinsadong tiger producing the song? BpBp, Roly poly and lovey dovey are T-ara's mega hits and amazing songs!
  18. such a great live, Boram's rap part is awesome, too bad they hardly filmed Qri at all~
  19. love Qri's new hair~ (aka. hair with no extensions~) and the outfits are really pretty
  20. her hair looks beautiful with extensions and naturally long or short, but in this photo they look better than the sometimes really unnatural looking extensions~
  21. the song sounds really good and the video is cute but it could have been animated more(and not just pictures, and repetative animation), better and longer, and yeah if there would be a dance version with T-ara it would be awesome but not very likely to happen~
  22. could diadem possibly sub the Boram's family camp episodes ? Looking really forward to watching but can't really understand anything without English subs~ thanks for sharing though~
  23. they are so sweet : ) and the song is sweet and the choreography for like the wind is cute and soap bubbles choreography too~ but sigh they should have let Qri and Boram sing more in like the wind (and to sing their solo songs AS well as the duo song~)...because they can sing too even though people keep denying it
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