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  1. Hyomin is the next leader? If its true then Jiyeon probably declined her turn.. Too bad I was actually looking forward to the maknae also being the leader (Has that ever happened in Kpop before?). But on the other hand its also good news since we are probably going to get another promotion in 2016, plus Hyomin's past era also gave us Roly Poly & T-ara's j-promotions which would suit perfectly if T-ara's going back to Japan in 2016.
  2. Thanks! A battle song by T-ara sounds awesome, I always felt that there is a certain blood-rushing epicness in T-ara songs.
  3. Any info on what the gold button on the WoWS Chinese website means and what will it unlock?
  4. Just when I've been clean for three months from my addiction to World of Tanks, now T-ara is going to get me addicted to World of Warships.... DAMN YOU WARGAMING.NET!! But seriously, I actually started playing World of Tanks after watching the Girls Und Panzer anime so I think linking T-ara's sexy marine girls concept & a game about historical warships is pure genius.
  5. [15.09.11] Video - A Song For You 4 Ep. 6 with T-ara @ KBSWorld (ENG Sub) Cr: KBS World TV @youtube Finally! I've been waiting so long for this
  6. Did he changed his ideal type to Hyomin since Jiyeon is already taken? But anyway this news brigthened up my day. I hope Hyomin will do a great pitch.. Thanks!
  7. Watch the video you never know... Anyway can't wait for the KBSworld English subs... Two weeks away!
  8. China's T-arabar also posted that 'So Crazy' Chinese Ver. is in the top 5 of for YinYueTai Main music chart this week. (See pic bellow tweeted by @T_arabar) So what does this really mean? Does it mean that T-ara songs are aired on radios & streamed online in China? Overall, T-ara MVs have been getting hundreds of millions of views on Chinese websites, but how much revenue does this makes for MBK? Can someone from China, or knows about the music scene there explain a bit? Even a rough estimate would help Considering the competition this month, I think T-ara’s doing okay for the physical albums sales in Korea (I’ve heard ‘So Good’ sold more than 12,000 in less than a week) but not so well in the digital charts. I’m just wondering if the revenue from China can help balance out or even more than make up for the slow streaming sales in Korea.
  9. That was breath of fresh air I really missed how funny and charming the girls are when they're together. Plus I need to get that Russian Roulette balloon gun.
  10. THAT WAS SO BRILLIANT! I just love everything about that comeback stage, it reminds me of all the adlibs and props T-ara used to do during Boo Peep & Roly Poly. Eunjung & Jiyeon wearing all covered up mechanic's suit still look HOTTER than most girl group members with skimpy outfits out there. PS: Special credit to Hyomin who made my heart stop a couple of times during the performance
  11. Thanks for the translations. As Hyomin said this comeback seemed to be quite sudden and out of the blue, but just watching at the teaser trailer.. the song sounds and look awesome. Another worthy addition to T-ara's diamond studded discography! I don't care how the song tracks, I'm just happy that T-ara consistently comes out with the kind of music that makes my heart beat faster!
  12. A Chinese album? Personally I love S.Tiger's songs much better than Bravebro's, but this could mean that MBK is saving the better composer for a huge debut hit in China (which is probably more financially rewarding)... anyway could T-ara be the start for me in enjoying Mandarin pop? I did listen to the original Little Apple a dozens of times when T-ara said they would cover it
  13. Awesome news! And even better its on KBS! It would be great if we can watch it with English subtitles on KBS World.
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