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  1. Recording already? Really really killer schedule. After concert, showcase, fan sign event, comeback and now recording again :| But I really miss when T-ara came in variety but it's ok since I can watch you everywhere now Fighting girlss and don't get sick ♥
  2. I think jiyeon is fully recovered now because of some performances before since she didn't use that deker. and I think this is also the original choreo but i dunno because in the MV there are some parts didn't come up. WOWWW! Jiyeon and Eunjung have same dress againn! they always use the same one! so cuteeee :3 And their performance is not a jokee. They really really give their best, they disn't do lip sing and dance in high spiritt, i can feel it They even held 3 fan signs for this comeback. DAEBAKKK! fighting my girlsss ♥♥
  3. wowww the third one in this comeback. The girls really really do such a hard workk! T-ara fightinggg, we love youu butt jiyeon and eunjung have couple sweater.... how cuteee
  4. Ohhh i wish i'm in seoul nowww ((( Me want that autograph tooo ((
  5. Modified dance and different dresscode from before, wuoooo perfect! Fighting fighting! ♡♡
  6. Kiyoptaaaaa~ That straight face with that sad and happy lips, cute overload. ♥♡♥
  7. I don't know though why nitizen so hate my t-ara so muchh. They just normal people who also have feeling to express buttt i know that they are public figures wheree they must always make their image like nothing happen. I just can't hold my feeling like cranky when jiyeon who always silent and give so many love has been tortured by people and much much much in pain But i know that "accidents" really really make they more mature noww. Don't ever give up my princess, me as queens will always support you and always give great feedback from heree <3 Believing that haters just make T-ara better than beforee! FIGHTINGG T-ara!! ♥♥
  8. eunjung, hyomin and soyeon like the PR in T-ara hahaha but T-ara is jjangg! i'm very very proud become queens, i have a really really great figure theree! this is what make me love T-ara so much, they always do their best even in worst situation. I will support you guys in everything and T-ara FIGHTINGG!
  9. how sweet they are haaa? i wish i'm there that dayy but T-ara fightingg! there is so long long long way to gooo, i'm waiting you for this desember jiyeon ahh <3
  10. it's so long to get the number one because they have same comeback time as IU butttt FINALLY girllssss! you made itt! i'm so proud to be QUEENS <3 but take me to seoul pleaseeee, i want to get that FREE HUGG!!!
  11. i feel like roly poly time is back the third one maybe great i think, even in that radio there is smiling face with circle cheek :lol: btw t-ara fancafe is it http://cafe.daum.net/fant-ara ?
  12. jiyeon so casualll, so in love with her cool stylee
  13. Ths version is like mix from the first one and the second one, the different just put some naration. Kubda disappointed CCM! Give us the true drama version like crycry and sexy love pleaseee (´・ω・`)
  14. Disappointed once see the second one buttt everyone is so sexy here and awesomee :3
  15. Her spirit defeat her pain i think, she really give her best in everything she did. Eventhough the choreo is reserved but she still the bestt. Getwellsoon baby jiyii
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