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  1. As expected the Diamond Edition's Daily T-ara DVD does not come with any subs. bummer. If I'm not gonna be able to understand a single word from the DVD then might as well have bough the Sapphire Edition. Any subs I can download out there?
  2. WOW Areum is getting hotter these days. I wish Jiyeon would get rid of the bangs though, not really liking it. Blonde Jiyeon all the way!!!
  3. Soyeon and Hyomin really deserve the main and lead vocalists position respectively. I feel like Jiyeon should also be listed as the lead vocalist. She may not have the high note capabilities like Hyo and EJ, but from the recent performances she seemed to be singing live much better than EJ. Not to mention she has one of the more unique tones in T-ara. Just my 2 cents.
  4. I think Sexy Love will do excellent in Japan. The song is cutesy and there's the doll/kawaii (excuse me if I'm using the term bluntly XD) element, which IMO a concept that the Japanese likes.
  5. Agree with xbot. Lovey Dovey was huge, so I'm baffled it wasn't nominated. Not hating on Hyuna, and I like Ice Cream, but the song has just been released. Did it get overwhelming critical acclaim to be nominated? And yes, the Global Girl Group. I thought T-ara's success in a global scale was far better than f(x)? They received gold status in Japan recently, and they had some sold-out concerts, so why are they not in the nominations?
  6. Hey I just watched some of the performances! I was really impressed with Soyeon's English during the introduction
  7. I agree, especially during the post-chorus part when they are acting like robots. I want to ignore the mismatch but it was just too obvious lol. That aside, I also think that this is the better version compared to the Dance Version.
  8. I would have preferred if only one version was released for the song. The multiple versions are kinda hurting the Youtube videos But then again, the more videos we have, the more eye candies!
  9. It's Eunjung. It may seem like Ahreum doing the high note, because her face was shown first during that part. But then you can see Eunjung doing a more dramatic ad-lib face lol. In the practice video, Eunjung was the one doing the high notes in the recording studio
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