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  1. For long time she doesn't has long hair. I feel strange but I love it. >w<
  2. Oh!!!! Eunjung is very cute >.<!!! I hope T-ara will come back to Thailand again. It's long time. T_T
  3. Wowwwwww!!!! so cute >.< We hope Hyomin so happy when she see this cake. Happy Birthday Hyomin ^^
  4. Wowww!!! Perfect!!! Yellow Ocean >< I don't believe hearsay but I believe in T-ara ^O^
  5. Thanks very much. N4 is the best. I love this concept. Hip hop style ><
  6. I think Eunchannet sent food support to Eunjung because I see picture in this web. Congratulations MC Eunjung >.<!!!!
  7. OMG!!! Boy band!!!! handsome so much. I waiting next week >.< ohhhh!!!
  8. ahhhhhhh!!! beautiful so much >.< EunRi deabak!!! I waiting long time. Thank you
  9. so cute everybody ahh!!! Areum no make up ??? thank for picture ^____^
  10. Oh!!!! OMG!!! I can't breath >.< so cute very cute and very beautiful Areum same cat. With cat gloves, she is more pretty >w<
  11. Oh!!!! Eunjung so cute >.< I like dress I like hair style I like everything about Eunjung. Thank so much I like this album
  12. OMG!! Thank for update again. I still waiting next update picture soon haha ^O^
  13. This event Eunjung beautiful and sexy >.< T-ara Santacros will coming to christmas??? ha ha ha
  14. OMG!!!! T-ara or Angel ??? Hyomin so sexy but Eunjung Jiyeon Qri with long dress same princess >.<
  15. Happy to Vietnam Queen's for waiting T-ara many years. I see Vietnam Queen's take care T-ara so much. I hope every Vietnam Queen's happy with this concert ^^
  16. Thank you ^^ She feel funny with relax activites. I remember Eunjung running in Olympic Idol hahaha
  17. Oh!! Qri's eye too big I love it but I still love Eunjung more than hahaha ^O^
  18. Thank for HD picture So cute everybody. Waiting next update ^^
  19. Woooow!! I find it O.o!! Thx for picture +Hwayoung I'm so happy >.< Everybody so cute
  20. OMG!!! Queen is Queen's. >< Love this T-ara Love this music,We will support her ^^
  21. Oh!!!! so cute >< She like baby ha ha . I think she will young.
  22. Oh!!! I bought it ><!!! I waiting photobook sent to home. Excited!!!
  23. Wow!! T-ara so pretty but this pictures have many trademark. I like original picture T^T Thank for Share ^^
  24. So sweet Europe trip or honeymoon trip ha ha ha Thank you ^^
  25. Thank you for covers picture ^^ Where is Jiyeon? I hope see this soon T^T
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