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  1. Nice swordfights and notably awesome acting from Eun Jung. Soyeon didn't have much screen time, but her character was cool
  2. The long wait, it is almost over!!!!! Can't wait to see those MVs
  3. The stage reminds me of Batman's backup cave, and yes the instrumental sounds a bit like Papa Americano. The description on the official teaser shows the release date as "2012.09.04" though. Anyways, can't wait for the full version of both the dance and drama versions.
  4. OH MY GOD! RELEASE THE FULL VIDEO NAOO!!! Though I will be preferring the "story version" of this with all the epic sword fights and stuff.
  5. I hope this helps them go out in public now and make a more formal statement on the issue. C'mon T-Ara, time to get back up on your feet.
  6. This is so sad, after appearing in the press conference like that and then being removed from the drama at the last second... This whole incident has really taken it's toll on the girls I hope next Wednesday will be the start of a better future for T-Ara...
  7. It must've been difficult for Eun Jung to be in that press conference. But I'm really impressed at how professionally she handled the situation, even though it looks like she's really torn-up inside. But nevertheless, sooner or later the girls will have to speak for themselves to try and clear their names. Until then, reporters will just continue to hound them regarding the "T-Ara Situation". Eun Jung Hwaiting! T-Ara Hwaiting!
  8. Oh man, I hope everybody involved was okay. 2012 doesn't seem to be doing well for T-Ara, I hope later on this year they can pull themselves up again.
  9. It's scary to think how much influence KKS could have over these girls and possibly their families for something like this to happen. Even though she is contractually unbound, it feels as if she is still tied at the neck by KKS.
  10. It seems that Eun Jung wants to express something, but is somehow being held back. The apology is a bit ambiguous, I really hope they let these girls tell their side of the story. This also kinda shows us the more human side of Eun Jung.
  11. I don't think this would be enough to clear Soyeon from the eyes of those who hate the group right now. After all, the PD might just be trying to save the reputation of the show itself by doing this. I think it would still be best if CCM would allow the girls to try and explain their sides on this issue. Hopefully, this would take off most of the tension.
  12. This CEO apparently doesn't know the saying "Loose lips sink ships".
  13. It just keeps getting better and better /sarcasm I hope some miracle happens and they still somehow pull through all of this. Realistically speaking, recovering from all of this is a longshot. With all the sponsor pull outs, refunds, cease of activities, etc... This is very difficult to watch The fire is already too big to be easily extinguished.
  14. T-ARA will never be the same again... I wonder how they'll recover from this. *sigh*
  15. The tension is killing me. Better brace ourselves for whatever the announcement is going to be for tomorrow.
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