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    I actually like Jiyeon and Qri ^^
    hmmm... I also love jpop as well since it's what introduce me to kpop (can you believe that I actually hated kpop before XD, What was I thinking back then lol)
    I'm a girl :D
    my bias boy group is NU'EST but I also like L from infinite
    I also have a GURUPOP account.
    Jus find my username ~chelksea~... maybe we can chat sometime
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  1. the Korean version went to 16 dollars iwas gonna buy it but then the price went higher... (
  2. I don't get this 2nd membership thing... What does it exactly do? and the pluses for being a member
  3. OMG! this is so touching T^T I feel ashamed that I don't know her even though she's supporting T-ara gotta go make some research now ^^
  4. Woah. That must be allot T^T I can't afford that kind of thing right now. Maybe I'll try next time when I get my own job.. I can't wait for the day to finally have the money to buy those things
  5. OMG!!!! I want that!!! How much was it? and what are promotional CD's meant to be? im curious
  6. Lalalla in school~

  7. kks should have just put hwayoung and hyoyoung together in 5dolls. Like seriously, Who doesn't love twins, especially gorgeous looking ones. 5dolls could have gained more popularity because of the twins. tsk tsktsk... he should learn how to become a leader, or somehow get help from other CEO's on how they manage their companies
  8. I sure do hope the best for her ^^ And I do hope that nothing serious happened for her to say that... but she did go through tough times... maybe that's why she said those word?
  9. Participate in The GURUPOP Show Season 1 Festival and get the autographed props of ZE:A, DALSHABET, U-KISS! http://t.co/baJo2bAXYu #GURUPOP

  10. hmmm... it's a nice name. Would have wanted something more creative though Oh well. Can't wait for Jiyeon's Teaser >.<
  11. GURUPOP???s Giveaway Event of Autographed CD???s of ALi! http://t.co/FABzHSCpU9 #GURUPOP

  12. I seriously wanted to watch this drama with eunjung in it. without her it was plain boring.
  13. GURUPOP Awards quest with get a 2013 K-pop Star Calendar! http://t.co/hvS4GfQo #GURUPOP

  14. I have so much school work >.<

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