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  1. I understand them, but we should not fight against t-ara we should fight agains the CEO.
  2. Someone with the power, please fire the CEO things would work so much better without him. He created T-ara yes, but during this time he never did anything good for them. He tires them out completely and destroys the group.
  3. I actually did not think that it would get this far. I never thought the CEO would kick her out.
  4. The thing is that allkpop wants is to create drama, it is feeding on "fan-wars" and scandals so that people visit their site and write nasty comments.
  5. i really hope it is only rumors too, and I think it is.. because.. it makes no sense having a contract and getting another as well as you're pointing out! It might be a pr-trick to make a scandal and then a big announcement so their new album sells a lot.. who knows >.< I wish they could change their ceo
  6. not only t-ara but all groups, they want drama that is it. they always create their own scandals
  7. Oh I loved the concept of this music video, so awesome. Especially since it gives a tarantino feel just like the song! Can't wait for part 2 *__*
  8. so nice outfits, I really loved Boram's outfit the most! But, also I liked Hyomin's t-shirt, it is very cute and refreshing ~
  9. I am really scared of what is going to happen or what he will announce. I read a rumor just posted on tumblr about hwayoung leaving and that she's gonna continue in cube ent. I hope it is not true.
  10. nice photos *__* i love how they're laughing. Really refreshing photos ^__^thank you for sharing
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