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    3inthemorning reacted to migger in [13.05.05] Video - T-ara N4 Countryside Life Debut Stage on Inkigayo   
    Here's one waiting for a performance with rural clothes, Eunjung with her mirror, Jiyeon with those glasses, Areum looking cute and Hyomin being a dork.
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    3inthemorning reacted to Soostal in [13.04.29] T-ARA N4 "전원일기" Music Video (Dance and Drama Ver.)   
    I love T-ara, but this was...idek. I liked it, but also didn't. Not sure how I feel. What I know clearly though is, HYOMIN SHOULD HAVE RAPPED INSTEAD OF THAT GUY. I really enjoyed their solo lines, but the rest was really strange.
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    3inthemorning reacted in [13.04.29] Video - T-ara N4 @ SBS Hwa Jung Power Time Radio   
    One word summary of this clip - DJ Choi Hwa Jeong really likes Areum
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    3inthemorning reacted to breakingheart_ in [13.04.29] T-ARA N4 "전원일기" Music Video (Dance and Drama Ver.)   
    The mv was nice and everything but the song kind of disappointed me. I loved the sound of the beat in the teaser but the overall song was kind of messy.
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    3inthemorning got a reaction from Dandelina in [13.04.04] T-ara's 4-member unit to debut with "Rural Life" in early May   
    Sadly, as much as I hate the guy, I think I have to give it to KKS on this one. This is a pretty smart move.
    Doing a sub-unit it a pretty smart move to test the waters with the Korean public, they've filled it with some of the most popular member from the past who had the most exposure to give the sub-unit the greatest chance of success along with a new member who can't really be associated with any scandals and if it's successful it'll both win back the populace as well as show people how hard-working/talented/whatever-they-need-to-see the members of T-ara are and thus greasing the wheels for a full group comeback. However, if the sub-unit doesn't do so well CCM can always blame it on the fact that it's just a sub-unit and not representative of the whole and simply take a bit to step back and re-evaluate how to mend T-ara's reputation.t
    Anyways, I hope it goes well. Plus I think this all, in my mind anyways, both explains the point of this and why we haven't seen Dani yet (or never would be fine too, haha) because it's just to early to add another unknown.
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    3inthemorning reacted to ZZuRRa in [13.02.11] Video - KBS Beauty and The Beast - Hyomin Cuts   
    WHOA,WHOA...I'm a girl but I prefer this kind of dance rather than dancing cutely,doing aegyo and stuff like that.It makes a girl look 10 times hotter..Or,is it just me??
    Aaah...They are starting to appear in variety shows faster than I've expected though..
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    3inthemorning got a reaction from geraldine123 in [13.01.01] Hyomin, "Forever sorry to our fans... Deeply thought about how to express myself"   
    I loved this photoshoot of hers! She looks gorgeous and her comments just make me want to hug her
    Although, on a side note, I wouldn't exactly call this a "tomboy" style...
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    3inthemorning reacted to Toan in [12.11.08] T-ara's Jiyeon putting off her college education again this year   
    One under CCM does not simply have the time to do anything other than what CCM wants them to do.
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    3inthemorning reacted to KaiC in [12.11.08] T-ara's Jiyeon putting off her college education again this year   
    I wonder what Jiyeon will major in if she does go to college ... but then again ... when she gets more time off = never
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    3inthemorning reacted to Felixng in [12.10.19] T-ara's Dani poses with their Gold award for "Jewelry Box"   
    Dani is so cute. I like her. But I still can't get over the fact that she's underaged. Maybe Dani can appear along side other members in G rated songs and won't participate in over G rated songs. I think that's the solution for them. But most of the songs T-ara has chosen to promote so far are rated 15, if I'm not mistaken.
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    3inthemorning got a reaction from deedeeduck in [12.10.12] T-ara's Dani and 5dolls' Nayeon preparing for comebacks together   
    Why don't those two make a duet?? Ugh.
    I'm sorry, I have no problems with Dani, but the age difference is just way too weird for me.
    Personally, T-ara has a lot of sexy concepts and I don't generally find 14-year-olds sexy...
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    3inthemorning got a reaction from eeekhang in [12.10.12] Video HD - Sexy Love [Remix] on Music Bank   
    Also, I feel like as far as a remix goes, this sounds almost identical to the original... Well, except for the beginning. When they said it was going to be a remix I was hoping they'd use the backtrack from the teaser in Day by Day since that was simply amazing.
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