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  1. wierd... i'm now in dilemma, in one side i want to click like for the video performance, but the other side this video is noisy plus it has annoying audience and last poor sound quality....
  2. Hyomin and Jiyeon is simply Amazing... Boram as always cuteness overload .. Soyeon hair , so many fangirls in this video, i cant hear the voice of fanboy...
  3. wow thx for the upload of Hongkong full Showcase Performance... hmm Soyeon Mandarin skill is good.. and their english language is cute...
  4. Err.. Question... Why Qri changed back her hairstyle?... i prefer with the long hair (extension or not) like in the Hongkong Showcase
  5. BoRam is stunning in this video , Eunjung look sexy as always.. and Qri suddenly have a nice long hair
  6. wow... MJ outfit just like Lovey-Dovey Performance, finally Soyeon hair style changed.. Me like it
  7. Video has been blocked (T.T), so sad (T.T), any1 have another link?
  8. wow... that was super nice line up cars... but doesn't fit our girls , they must on the same vehicle so they can chit chat, have a laugh together
  9. sadly.. i prefer the black outfit than the pink one, and it only appear for a short time.. but hey, this day just to see the girls perform is a blessing specially in tv channel that rejected them a weeks ago
  10. Is this the truth? coz i didn't watch HL entire episode (i hope this is the truth)... but if not then *sigh* another after effect of the controversy then...
  11. finally, we can see the girls again.. its sooooo gooooood... the song, the fan chants (specially this, the chant make me shiver), the dance, everything is sooo gooood...
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