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    I was born on the same day as ahreum!

    It seems that everytime I start to like a group, a controversy starts...... I'm like a bad luck magnet.

    I love T-ara :D and I'd die to see their comeback for 2013
    Also realllllllly love crayon pop (sorry guys my bias right now is ChoA)
    Those at my top 2 favorites atm, but we can also talk about other groups like Apink and b2st and stuff I don't hate :D
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  1. Gonna be on 20 hours of the day until her cd is release. gonna see is soompi has signs.
  2. Elie will be very drunk upon reading this article. BTW cheers to them hopefully this won't be such a big deal when they comeback and like people flipping the table and stuff.
  3. At first i was like... o.o is that park bom? so i skipped it, but then i saw the title of it and was like....oh it's just Qrious lawl
  4. Does that mean I've above you all cuz I knew them from day 1 of the announced group debuting? lol
  5. I was like o.o but then I was like... These don't include the plane tickets lol
  6. Damn.... Elie and EJJ will be bummed about not having ahreum there.
  7. lol I can't tell who is jiyeon.......and they forgot Qri's mole.
  8. I like how they uses play on words with this mv. If you look closely the bottle of painkillers actuall says toxic. I'm assume it represents how numbing yourself with bad feelz will kill you. While the "Pain" is the killer. etc etc.
  9. Lovely music video. Expect nothing less from CCM when it comes to music and mvs
  10. Welp I gots the limited pre-order last month so np
  11. I'd totally get my friend to get the poster for me, but he isn't going back to japan till augest which is a big kick in the balls. But i guess i'll have him try to find some posters anyways haha.
  12. I was trying to find the lovey dovey poster online.....some guy on ebay found it for me but he offered it to me for 80 bucks lol.... Lesson in this story? When you get hold of a Japanese poster you basically have all the power in the universe.
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