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  1. sometimes im grateful that im busy, whether with kpop stuff or homework. Because that way I wont have to deal with some shitty stuff around me.

  2. Happy CNY~! Finally have time to update my fanfics *touched* ;_;

  3. Busy busy busy~ 피곤해... when will i have time? ㅠ ㅠ

  4. Kinda busy with school's stuff...

  5. School's starting soon...gonna be busy @_@

  6. 21.12.2012? ~.~"" seems peaceful like any other days here

  7. Fic updated ^.^* ~ It's time to take my PMR result TT TT

  8. This is so cute especially the part where Areum and Jiyeon chose each other just because they're envious of each others' skin Soyeon grew up suffering alot of hardships, I believe her children will grow as strong as their umma
  9. Finally updated. lol. time to.... z...zzzz

  10. Will update my fic before next week . TT TT

  11. ...too many things to do /.\

  12. Start working on fic!

  13. I'm sick! T.T sorry to my readers~ please wait for me!

  14. Have you read my EunJi fic yet?:D didn't expect that my eunji fic will debut earlier than my SoRi fic ~.~

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