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  1. Man I love this look and they all looks great. I have to say... Boram tops them all {for me} in respect to how they are made up.
  2. Hyomin's face, "Yeah that's right, I'm Gangnam Styling. What you going to do about it?"
  3. Oh my really? "T-ara-lines" or "T-air-a-lines" hehe I'd book that.
  4. They all look so good but the one that snatches it up for me would be Boram~
  5. Oh mans she's feeding everyone (that sees this picture)! *yum yum*
  6. Thank you for this and yes definitely hoping for the best towards T-ara!
  7. Hyomin and Boram. I really love Boram's hairstayle lately. Soyeon looking lovely... As much as I love Jiyeon, not liking the style/color ><
  8. Was sooo happy that they got Top 10, even with what happened. Here's to hoping 2013 will be a good year to them.
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