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  1. lol hyomin and aream's were hilarious >.< love them these 3D artwork look so real though very creative
  2. Thankyou for posting ^^ so glad they all seems so happy today
  3. Lol jiyeon is so cute, turns into a dino at 13.38 haha Love the bloopers.. So funnyyy ><
  4. The songs sounds good ... So glad thay gave jiyeon a ballad. Really want to hear their full songs and also the other menbers' previews!!!! ^w^
  5. Thankyou so much for these HD pics... I love the white dress in the third one
  6. the song is actually catchy...the MV also looks good everyone is so cute in it really wanna hear jiyeon's solo T^T how long do i have to wait
  7. really look forward to the drama, but its sad that we cant see her for bunny style promotion
  8. she must be tired going back and forth between korea and japan
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