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  1. So proud of our girls! These awards were well deserved and I'm glad they were finally again recognized for their hard work and talent. This for me proved three things to non T-ARA fans: 1) Their talent is undeniable, haters can bring up the scandal for their reason to dislike T-ARA but they can't dispute their hard work, the quality of their songs or their determination. 2) T-ARA just cranks out good music. 127 million views for Number 9 is proof enough of that fact. 3) Queen's will always support our girls. What we lack in numbers, we make up in passion and dedication to T-ARA. 2015 is only the beginning of good things to come. T-ARA fighting!!
  2. OMG OMG OMG!!! I'm totally spazzing out right now. I'm so freaking pumped, it feels like I've won the lottery or something. Eun Jung is so talented I just can't wait to see her on stage by herself. It's finally time for her to show off her awesome charisma in this solo. Congratulations Eun Jung!!!!
  3. I also couldn't understand her but I rewatched that clip 3 more times because she was so darn cute
  4. OOOOOH YEAH!!!! It's been a while since we've been able to see our angels in an acting project. I can't wait.
  5. Wow! Eun Jung is just insanely gorgeous!! The expression alone in her eyes made my heart skip a beat.
  6. My lovely Eun Jung is happy with a full belly. I'm glad she able to spend some free time enjoying herself.
  7. She looks like she's having a great time. It's a well deserved R&R. She also looks lovely in those pictures.
  8. Keep the ring, just let me have Eun Jung.
  9. EunJung is radiant in these pictures. They remind why I'm so infatuated with her.
  10. Awesome interview! The girls were cute and lively during the whole thing. I couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear when they did their Q&A. EunJung is my bias but I always have a soft spot for SoYeon, she's always so witty and fun when she speaks.
  11. Agreed!!! This picture is indicative of their tight bond but also how it took the six of them to fight through their hardships. I'm so proud of them. LONG LIVE the Queens!!!!I was rewatching some of their older videos on YouTube and during their first win for Bo Peep Bo Peep in 2009, they were all in tears and it was again Eun Jung who grabbed everyone for a group hug. I feel like they have come full circle from that moment to where they can again feel the love from their Korean fans.
  12. Thank you C-Queen's for your loud chants and support. Please take care of the girls while they're in Shanghai.
  13. I am so glad they were able hold a concert for their home fans. Both them and their Korean fans deserved it. It was a moment 2 and half years in the making and through hardship and sheer love for their fans they stood on stage and performed their hearts out. They're always thanking us fans and worrying that they're not doing enough to repay us for our support but they don't know that for us, all that matters is that they're happy, healthy and doing what they love to do. T-ARA ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!
  14. I'm with you on the long brown hair. When they showed some preview pictures of their comeback for Sugar Free, they had Eun Jung with long wavy hair. I was hoping that would have been her new do but alas it was just a tease.
  15. China..... Welcome to the Queendom of T-ARA.
  16. Am I the only one who thought Eun Jung should have kept her blond hair a little longer? She looks good in any hair style but blond Eun Jung is damn sexy.
  17. This was so emotional watching them perform in front of their home fans. It was truly a wonderful moment for them and their Korean fans. I nearly darn cried watching this....ok I'm lying, I cried a lot but they were manly tears so that's ok.
  18. She is simply beautiful! no other words needed!! If we needed proof that angels were amongst us. Look no further than EunJung.
  19. Omo!!!! Is Google Translate misleading me or is HyoMin describing her picture with EunJung as couple-like?
  20. Yup! It's been confirmed by this picture. EunJung is a major cutie.
  21. Muahaha. Loved the performance. Had to stay up to 4 AM PST to catch this live but totally worth it.
  22. Awesome MV. This was worth staying up to see. Sleep is overrated when it comes to waiting for the release of a T-ARA MV.
  23. Happy for her and proud of her. She's perfect for the role. She's smart, talkative, charming and charismatic. I know she'll represent South Korea well. On another note, this is good news for us fans too. Since this is an official event, this means there will be lots of pictures of EunJung in evening gowns.
  24. It's at moments like these that remind me how beautiful Eun Jung is. It's her effortless beauty that makes her so darn irresistible.
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