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  1. Nice, nice...I've been gone for almost months and THIS came in hahaha Maaaaan~
  2. I thought I'd have a shot XD that way I'd get two prizes so far from Diadem XD
  3. 한참 껌갖고 여기저기서 놀다가 껌그릇앞에 앉아서 이런눈빛으로 #한껌만주십쇼#고기먹고남은껌#다먹어야지#어허 CR: sweetgirlej + Instagram + asah_ara2472@tiaradiadem
  4. 티컵입니다만 식사 중 입니다.. 호호호 TRANS: ️ Tea Cup, but is eating ... HO HO HO CR: qtfreet + Instagram + asah_ara2472@tiaradiadem
  5. 香蕉?[转发] TRANS: banana? [ Forwarding] CR: Weibo + asah_ara2472@tiaradiadem
  6. 퇴근길에.. 천둥치고 번개치고 비가 오냐 왜.. CR: qtfreet + asah_ara2472 + tiaradiadem
  7. Oh my goodness I felt my soul leave my body just now~~~
  8. Love the OT6 picture. It makes a good wallpaper for the cellphone XD *downloads picture*
  9. Make a teddy bear out of the Rilakkuma head, a pillow, two empty rolls from a tissue, and the fork&spoon. Use the stapler to bond the parts together ^^
  10. To get the Rilakkuma head, click the ears ^^ CLICK THEM UNTIL YOU GET IT XD
  11. It's mind-blowing. Shocking, even XD But if Jiyeon's happy, fans are happy. LDG better take care of her >.<
  12. 무화과단호박피자#미엘 CR: sweetgirlej + asah_ara2472 + tiaradiadem
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