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  1. Hi,

    It's been a long time and T-ara has comeback with another great song TIAMO

    I'm not a sign language expert so this might just be my imagination,

    but I've seen some (probably) sign language included in their choreography.

    I'll attach them as gif down below and if anyone understands about sign language 

    or knows someone who do please translate them for us. 





















    Maybe some of them are not but hey, it's fun making gif >.<

    If this is not just my imagination I hope we could discover "Our Secret Code" they've been talking about ^^

  2. and now.. the author remove the MV from the youtube. lol

    Maybe he/she make a mistakes?

    But I find another links for the MV

    the part where u said that he/she make a mistake is true...

    cause they r not supposed to upload it at all..

    this is Japan we r talking about...

    they DON'T release any MV/PV for free(i mean that they r some, but rarely)...

    they have that thing called copyright...

    n they r so brutally strict about them..

    u want it, you buy it.. ;)

    p/s: the PV that were uploaded on internet r taken/recorded from a japanese music program(sort of MTV)...

    and i bet all of them r being taken down for the sake of that copyright thingy...

  3. Done some research with some of our SB friends yesterday. The results suggest that the post most probably is a fraud. The most recent article in Forbes that have anything to do with T-ara is this. Nothing could be found other that that.

    It's a little sad when people start circulating "information" like this that may lead towards confusion among fans. I'm simply hoping that people will start investigating first before continue giving others wrong information.

    BTW, a praise for you for asking other's opinion. Good day stranger... ;)

    p/s: This is my opinion on this matter based on all pieces of information I could gather on internet. If by any chances someone bring me the proof that the post is real, I'll humbly apologise and gladly accept the news.

  4. Is it really neccessary to have another MV though? Hmmm... I've always thought having different versions of a MV are pointless (like the lengthy drama ones that they had. O_o)

    Well, maybe this is the answer to your question:

    "Despite various times they felt bitter about their controversy, all members admitted they have matured. Instead of promoting with the goal of #1 in mind, T-ara promoted with the thought of rewarding the fans who still believed in them." Credit: Nath

    So, just be happy cause we know they loves us all... <3<3<3

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