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  1. Waiting patiently. . .

  2. yaasss thank you Diadem for this Happy 5 years with T-ara Hoping for the BEST
  3. Patiently waiting.......

  4. April 30 I'm waiting..........

  5. No need for worries and doubts, as long as we,Queen's, were here to support and believe in the talents of these two,it will be great and successful. kekeke Fighting!!!
  6. kyaaaa haha this game is soooo cute and so are the members especially at the end I can't stop smiling while playing kekeke but it took me couple of minutes just to get Rilakkuma's head Great Job guys
  7. So envy I want to meet them too and get their signatures
  8. T-ara‘s Ji Yeon went to the hospital after filming for “M!Countdown” due to knee pain. Her agency, Core Contents Media, said in a statement, “Ji Yeon hurt her knee during dance practice and went to the hospital after filming for ‘M!Countdown’.” According the agency, to accommodate Ji Yeon’s knee troubles, the group chose to sit down for their pre-recorded performance. At the hospital, Ji Yeon was diagnosed with Knee Synovitis, an inflammation in the area around the joints. She received treatment and went back to “M!Countdown” for the live show. It was then reported that Ji Yeon went back to the hospital to receive acupuncture. Later, Ji Yeon told Star News, “I apologize for making people worry…I want to show a good performance and not worry the fans.” T-ara recently released their second version music video for “No.9.” Source: http://www.soompi.com/2013/10/17/t-aras-ji-yeon-receiving-treatment-after-injuring-her-knee-before-mcountdown/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=t-aras-ji-yeon-receiving-treatment-after-injuring-her-knee-before-mcountdown
  9. Kyaaaaa can't wait to see T-ara unnies on Korean stage again..keke so excited for that three-minute music video teaser. I am sure that it would be great, no I mean spectacular
  10. Can't wait to watch Hyomin unnie's movieeeee. So excited
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