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  1. Jiyeon soooo cute She looks like a little kid
  2. Boram looks so cute with her bun and am totally digging the straight bangs on eunjung
  3. Mon, wed & fridays? So does that mean itll be over in two weeks or is it several episodes per person
  4. Qri's hair was on point. Gahhh she so pretty. They all are.
  5. Does anyone know what they are saying? Will there be a translation of this?
  6. How can there be such a perfect group
  7. They both are really pretty but Jiyeon is just a goddess in my eyes.
  8. Wow eunjung so looks beautiful! Who is he? A singer?
  9. Lol i pledge of allegiance to Jiyeon. President of elementary school students.
  10. I could've sworn it was Soyeon voice... Wow Jiyeon!!!!!! My dino really suprises me!
  11. Yessssssssssssssssssss! Jiyeon perf as always! That medley is so perfect and Soyeon voice gahhhhhhhh! Major fan girling!
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