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  1. awww...i hope that she's alright.... all the queens are behind her...
  2. haha!!! so weird!!!! lol!!! it would be much better if they said everything in one shot...lol!!
  3. awww....i hope soyeon is fine!!! new hairstyle for jiyeon! haha!!
  4. they finished everything in a day?!?!?!?!?! lol! haha!!! but its really really hardwork! 4am to 0000hrs.... but i guess they are used to that kind of lifestyle alr...the kind of lifestyle where you don't have anytime wasted!!! fighting!! very productive lifestyle! haha! i hope that they are taking supplements to support their lifestyle!
  5. haha! the screencaps are really nice! can see that you spent much efforts for this! great job!
  6. Fruit diet! she must have starved!! fruits doesn't give you much energy unlike staple food! i hope she doesn't always eat fruits! proper meals are important too!
  7. Eunjung looks tired!!! awww.... I think the original sounds better...suddenly jumping into the chorus is abit weird....
  8. SUPPORTS!!!! Netizens are netizens afterall.....=.=... Someone have spoken for them!! I guess when your country is big...there are alot of these kind of netizens who condem thinking they know alot....they are not queens!! but they think they know more than Queens!!! I really really hope that T-ara will gain strength from this!! Live with Strength! Live with pride! Live with conscience! Though they said that they feel very sorry about always letting Queens be worried about them....but no matter how much...i believe queens will always tell them to push on! Fighting!
  9. haha!!! what a weird gift! haha!!! i think receiving that as a gift will give her more pressure than encouragement! haha!!! its like telling her...'hey look! you are joining a group with this kind of caliber....you better don't screw them up!' haha!!!!
  10. haha!!!!! doing good everywhere they go!!! but i sort of thought that they would put down the nationality differences and help...but they helped a korean school....hhmmss.....i think thats the korea pride....but i think doing good should not be limited to koreans only.....since they are at malaysia....they could at least help some malay school or what.....for show though....
  11. LOL!!!!! there goes kks again....going around sueing anyone that does something that he doesnt like.....=.=....
  12. T-ara fighting!!! good that they are in hk! its a nice place! i hope they get to go around and spend some time there! fighting!
  13. wow!!!! YES! The HK queens have spoken on behalf of we queens!!! T-ara fighting!!! know that there are still many who support you!!
  14. hiax.....so much for being a producer....so little faith in the actors that you choose....=.=.....korea entertainment is really really obedient to their citizens.....=.=
  15. i'm quite shocked to see bye bye performed!!! haha!!! first time!!! hope that there will be more non-promoted songs performed!!!
  16. haha!!! They are just releasing too much too many things!!!!! All my money sucked up for all these......lol....i don't think i can afford those for the time being...haha!!!! ><
  17. hiax....i'm glad they took the punch with a thank you....hiax...whats with the korean anti-fans!!!?!?!?!?!?! Come overseas and overseas queens will show the korean queens what it really means by being a queen! ><
  18. srsly based on protests?!?!?!?!?!!?!?! is that how much pride they take in their work???? is that how much confidence they have in their work????!?!?!?!
  19. hmms... that doesn't really amount up to blackmailing lah...just whether eun jung wants to leave herself or be kicked out....definitely things are supposed to look better with eun jung leaving voluntarily than her being kicked out..... eun jung being kicked out would make it seem like she is not good enough... eun jung leaving would make it seem like she lost interested in the production and will go for other activities....=.=
  20. although there are sane people in the industry...and the production team of five fingers is not representative of all of the industry people...nevertheless....i very much believe that there are people that is pulling the strings from the background....people with alot more power...
  21. oh my...even a govt stat board has stepped in....good for eun jung....but i don't think it will help her regain her reput or anything.... but still better than none....=.=....fighting!
  22. betrayed!!!! multiple offers and she choose five fingers?! betrayed! so much effort! piano etc.
  23. if the product is good...people will naturally buy it! the thing about actors is that they are a different person from real life when in a show!! geez...people are not going to remember the actor's name for that character in the show!
  24. freaking last minute....this is worse than outright telling her that she is dropped!
  25. geez...omg...stay strong!!! too much background strings in the industry....
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