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  1. Wow!!! Magazine Cover Photo???!! Daebak! Too bad singapore magazines don't get to to feature all these! haha!
  2. Haha!!!! I hope that there will be a concert DVD!!! then i can watch their concert! haha!!!
  3. Aww!!! It must be unforgettable for jiyeon for her dad to pay her a visit while she is working! And when she misses her family so much but don't have time to see them!
  4. LOL! Approx. SGD40 per shirt for Singaporeans! But still gonna get it...Although the design isn't very outstanding...I will see how after i get it bah.....=.=....
  5. When is it Singapore's turn?!?! Haha! I'll definitely get the tickets if it's T-ara's concert, not Kpop concert!
  6. Haha!!! Is this some marketing tatic?! to reject such an offer! haha! more than less i see people having popularity boost through comestics CFs...specifically comestics... Its every female celebrity's dream! I really hope that this move of rejecting will be more rewarding than accepting the offer! haha! With Dani's popularity boost, it definitely will bring much attention to T-ara as a whole! Anyway, i hope the best for T-ara! With the two new addition...I'm expecting to see that T-ara will move on to their next image rather than to continue to ride on the retro wave! That wave is already unstable! Can't wait to see their next image! ^^
  7. Haha!!!! T-ara on the road to becoming like G.O.D??? haha!!! with members age ten years apart...haha! If that can make them as popular as G.O.D i'll give my fullest support! haha!! Her looks reminded me of someone...and took somedays for me to remember it...haha! She looks like BoA when BoA was still young and fresh in the industry! I hope she does as well as BoA in years to come! since Boa also started at a very very young age...and they have similar charisma! Fighting!
  8. Haha!!! I'm expecting much from this group! haha!!! i wonder what kind of image CCM is going to present this time!
  9. Lol!!! in korean again...haha!!!! as international fans who don't know korean....really losing out...=.=...why don't they do international market too!!!! why domestic market only???!
  10. LOL!!!! another one that is not for international fans...=.=... go go t-ara! i believe that even without this move they probably can sell 500,000 copies! haha!
  11. I hope that it sells their merchandise!!! hopefully core contents media will come out with those stuffs! t-ara really have little of those! still wondering why t-ara don't want to continue with their online shop! probably too busy to mend it! but it can earn big bucks!!! >< extra income! haha!!! XP then they can do more online shopping! haha!!!!(applies for hyomin only XP) i really want a t-ara shirt! or the original diadem shirt also can! ><
  12. hiax....this 'korean only' thing really sucks man...if this kind of thing is in singapore, it would really be 'for foreigners too'! So unfair! Singaporeans have zero domestic and foreigners advantage!!!! ><
  13. aww!!!! it really sucks to have your things gone when you are on a vacation!!! really spoils the vacation!! In addition its not a small amount!! 23 thousand euros equivalent!!! i guess the whole trip really spoiled!
  14. Wow! i think that's a really good move by kss to let the girls join a specialised agency! It would help so much for the girls to get into the field more smoothly and better! Though there are many resentments towards kss...i really hope that these moves to help the girls grow in the industry continues to come from kss!!! T-ara fighting!!!! Grab these chances and become the next phenomenon!!
  15. Aigoo!!!! i would rather have the other members improve their singing abilities...however it takes a mightly long time to training vocals up to high standards...he still has the last call....so i can only hope that t-ara really becomes better this way...and these girls get more than now! Fighting!
  16. AHHH!!!! I really really just hope that the current members don't get replaced! I think he wants to achieve a model like some japanese and taiwan-ese group uses,eg, 棒棒糖. which forces the members to constantly improve themselves...eventually they will be good enough to be solo artises. But we love the group not individuals! >< All the best to the girls! i hope that nothing bad will happen to them! Fighting!
  17. wa!!! with heart!! they really did something darn good! lots of idols will be following their footsteps!
  18. wow!!!!! its sad when these things aren't within your reach!
  19. though its sad to have them not acting...but they can focus more on their music this way! hopefully they go back after they strike some achievements with their music!
  20. finally! idols really don't have enough rest...i hope that they really max out this vacation to enjoy!
  21. Totally rather her be in the korean version WGM! I hope that she will be the most popular couple in this series!!!!
  22. wah! totally sian diao when it comes to chinese WGM.....omg.... But she loved it nonetheless... T.T Go hyomin! supports!
  23. haha! celebrities are still human! and if you don't fart then you are weird! haha! it doesn't really matter! haha!!! hyomin fighting!
  24. kangjing

    [10.02.08] T-ara

    haha! i dun really care about the mistake! it's already done....just dun let it happen next time! haha!!! i really liked their songs! haha! fighting!
  25. haha! people just like to blow up faults and stuffs and talk about it! haha! i never seen them blowing up good stuffs...haha! this time t-ara did spoil their image abit but not enough to be of a topic...haha!....fighting!
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