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    kangjing got a reaction from CptFantasy in [14.04.04] Latest Info - T-ARA Tour Announced for Philippines, Indonesia and Southeast Asia June-July 2014   
    Haha!! I have heard all sorts of stuffs about all the tickets selling in the first minute those kind of stuffs... Haha!! Now I'm worried about
    Haha!! I have heard all sorts of stuffs about concert tickets getting sold out in the first minute of sales... and im kinda worried about the language the ticketing website is going to be in...
    which website to buy the tickets will be posted on their fb page too?
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    kangjing got a reaction from CptFantasy in [14.04.04] Latest Info - T-ARA Tour Announced for Philippines, Indonesia and Southeast Asia June-July 2014   
    are there any updates on this concert? like details and where to buy the tickets and such???
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    kangjing got a reaction from lillollipop12 in [12.12.28] T-ara named top 10 beloved K-Pop singer in 2012   
    yay!! If KKS managed the girls better they would be even more loved!!! but lets not be greedy! Congratulations to the girls!!! ><
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    kangjing got a reaction from eeekhang in [12.12.28] T-ara named top 10 beloved K-Pop singer in 2012   
    yay!! If KKS managed the girls better they would be even more loved!!! but lets not be greedy! Congratulations to the girls!!! ><
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    kangjing got a reaction from NERDYEANNN in [12.12.21] T-ara to hold large-scale Japanese fan meetings ahead of Japanese arena tour   
    SINGAPORE SINGAPORE! haha! T-ara T-ara!
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    kangjing got a reaction from Sleeping Ham in [12.06.01] Quick News - Jiyeon's dad pays a visit at Wildroses fan signing   
    Aww!!! It must be unforgettable for jiyeon for her dad to pay her a visit while she is working! And when she misses her family so much but don't have time to see them!
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    kangjing got a reaction from hyominheart in [12.08.14] T-ara's Hyomin says with tears in her eyes, "Please only ask me about the drama"   
    Hiax... i really think that the reporters are going a little overboard... maybe koreans are still interested in finding out the real reason for the incident... but internatonal fans are looking further than what happened... if koeans are like overseas fans... i thk that the reporters shoukd let it go... tara have refused so many times... i think no point pushing for it....
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    kangjing got a reaction from hazirah cw in [SPAZZ] Which member would you like to see on WGM?   
    Haha!!! i really want to see Soyeon being a wife! haha!!! I really wonder what kind of a wife would she be! haha!!!
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    kangjing reacted to min young in [12.08.07] Video HD - Soyeon Cuts on Haeundae Lovers Ep 2   
    'T-JinYo' Refusal To Watch T-ARA Related Dramas-Petition Fail, 'On-Offline's Drastic Difference'

    ‘T-JinYo’, who is known to have 340,000 members online, don’t seem to work well together offline.
    On August 6, the first episode of “Haeundae Lovers” with T-ARA member Soyeon, received a viewer rating of 9.8%. Considering this was their first episode, the ratings were seen as good.
    ‘T-JinYo’ planned to ban watching dramas with T-ARA members in it. However, it was harder than they had thought. Due to the positive ratings of the drama, many watched the drama regardless of the ban.
    ‘T-JinYo’ had also planned to protest in front of Core Contents Media on August 4. However, they ended up canceling the petition due to their lack of preparation. There were thousands of posts about the protest, but in reality, only about 30 members came out to petition. This is a rather embarrassing number for a group that has over 340,000 members online.
    Why is it that the online and offline actions are so different?
    An official stated, “It could be because of the fact that they have to show their face when they come offline. Online, anyone can say whatever they want, but when they are revealed in public, it is harder for them to say what they want.”
    Most of the members of the group are also in their teens, which could also cause problems if they were all to meet offline. Many of the group members ideas and thoughts were different which could have also made it difficult for them to come to a clear consensus.
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    kangjing reacted to nathaniel in [12.08.05] True or not, the public will only believe what they want about T-ara's bullying situation   
    [12.08.05] True or not, the public will only believe what they want about T-ara's bullying situation

    "Tara-'s Hwayoung Was Not Bullied!" Written by Kim Yong Hyo, a reporter who has written many editorials on hot issues within the entertainment industry for the column [연예세상 비틀어보기]
    T-ara’s Hwayoung never once mentioned the word “bullying.” And in reality she was not bullied. Netizens are merely creating evidence of bullying. (Those who seek the truth about such ‘bullying evidence’ please see the post http://thetaratruth.tumblr.com). Nevertheless, the public now believes “Hwayoung was bullied” as the truth. Why is this? Probably because from the very beginning, many believed in the rumour that there is bullying among girl groups in the entertainment industry. But some activists used what is claimed as ‘evidence’ to cleverly fabricate stories and to stir up the innocent and trusting public.
    The first time I heard about the news of Hwayoung being bullied, I asked “So you’re saying that T-ara’s Hwayoung was bullied”? Because this it not the truth. Recently, I went with T-ara to their Tokyo Concert to gather information, and Hwayoung and the other members got along very well. Used in relation to her, the word ‘bullied’ is inappropriate. Born with a beautiful appearance to a relatively well-off family, she grew up lacking nothing. And also with her father’s vigorous support for his daughter to become an artist. (Personally finding his way to a large agency company for his twin daughters to become artists, and interfering with CCM with all his might, a father like this, if his daughter really was bullied, would he really stand by and do nothing?)
    Of course, because young girls are grouped together in girl groups, issues of envy and jealousy will come up sometimes. (This is true not only with T-ara, but also other girl groups). But to part of the public who are on a witch-hunt against T-ara, these issues were not small conflicts, but collective violence. I can guarantee, such incidents did not, and could not possibly exist. But the public believes that T-ara members are bullies, without a doubt. Therefore, some of the members’ past and private life etc have also been dragged out into the public for discussion. Even more cunningly, netizens have packaged and claimed their actions on the internet as done to protect the victim Hwayoung from the other members’ violence and bullying.
    T-ara is now fully wounded. But the cruel public continues to use their hatefully crafted products (i.e the ‘evidence’) to mock them. They truly see their own actions as legitimate and just. T-ara’s Hwayoung was not bullied. Even if there was conflict with Hwayoung, the level of intensity and strength compared to the bashing now done to Tara is not even one in a million.
    The public only believes what it wants to believe. The more frightening part is that they will never admit or accept any rebuttals to the contrary. Their reaction to this article will probably be, “Oh, he must have received money from Kim Kwangsoo.” But this is not a rebuttal. It is the truth that those who hate T-ara never want to believe.
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20120805n15192
    Translated via Chinese translations by: @kckclalala
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    kangjing got a reaction from TSC1981 in [12.07.30] T-ara's CEO, "Hwayoung's contract has been terminated"   
    Why why? the whole story sounded so one sided TTM...
    The truth will be revealed one day!!!!
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    kangjing reacted to Jiyeonholic in [12.07.14] T-ara's new member Areum, "I felt burdened and didn't want to damage the group by joining"   
    I know that Areum will do good.. FIGHTING!!
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    kangjing reacted to ighada in [12.07.14] T-ara's new member Areum, "I felt burdened and didn't want to damage the group by joining"   
    i really like her and i swear she'll be so big someday!
    "Like a onion shedding it's layers, I want to show my charms one by one."
    we're waiting Areum.
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    kangjing reacted to Orhluluzx in [12.07.14] T-ara's new member Areum, "I felt burdened and didn't want to damage the group by joining"   
    "Like a onion shedding it's layers, I want to show my charms one by one."
    I like the way she express this. I'm for Areum. Its been only a week, please give her a chance
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    kangjing reacted to BeautifulRobot in [12.07.15] Quick News - T-ara in Venezuelan newspaper "Diario 2001"   
    OMG! This is awesome!!!!! I noticed that with this comeback they are getting A LOT of new fans and international attention. T-ARA are finally going to go global! ^_____^
    T-ara: The chameleon princesses of the South
    The feminine group will be 3 years old on July 29 since their debut in 2009.
    T-ara is a feminine group who arose almost 3 years ago in South Korea and was formed by the company Core Contents Media. Originally, they were a group of five members and they had been training for years. Before their debut, they converted into one of the most anticipated groups and were nicknamed the "super rookies".
    Before their official debut, they released their first song "Good Person". Also, two of the members announced their departure from the group due to differences in the style of music and the delay of their debut. Soon after, they were replaced by three new members.
    Finally, T-ara debuted on the show MBC Radio Star in July of 2009 and their first performance was on Mnet M! Countdown, where the performed their singles "Lies" and "Wanna Play?". In September, the group released "Time To Love", a collaboration with the boys of Supernova. On the first of December 2009, the girls released their first album, titled Absolute First Album.
    In February of 2010, the group announced that they would release a re-edit of their debut album, titled Breaking Heart. On the first of December, T-ara released their mini album Temptastic in digital format. The group celebrated their comeback stage on KBS Music Bank on the third of December and began the promotions with a new seventh member.
    For their return in June of 2011, the 7 girls of T-ara: Hwayoung, Soyeon, Qri, Jiyeon, Eunjung, Boram, and Hyomin came out with "Roly Poly", a song inspired the disco of the 70's which is a part of the production John Travolta Wannabe. The promotions of "Roly Poly" were a success and the girls were able to obtain first place twice on M! Countdown and once on Inkigayo.
    On the 28th of December they released the Japanese version of the single "Bo Peep Bo Peep" whose disc had the same name. After their Japan promotions they returned to Korea and promoted their album Black Eyes in November, just a few days after the debut of their second Japanese single "Yayaya".
    In January of 2012 they showcased their versatility when they released their mini album Funky Town in which was included songs like "Lovey Dovey", a single which had a music video version in honor of Michael Jackson, and the ballad "We Were In Love" in collaboration with the group Davichi. In February they arose again in Japan with Roly Poly and in June they presented the studio production Jewelry Box which was certified Gold after selling more than 100,000 copies.
    Their latest production Day By Day debuted on the third of July and they also presented their eighth member named Ahreum. On the 7th of the same month, on the comeback of T-ara on Music Core, they premiered the choreography of their promotional single which was prepared by Jonte Moaning, choreographer of "Single Ladies" by Beyonce.
    Day By Day was able to reach first spot on the real time music charts: Soribada, Bugs, Cyworld, Mnet, Daum, Olleh, Melon, and Naver, beating groups like Sistar and Super Junior, among others. On another note, on December of this year their ninth member will officially debut, Dani of 14 years of age, who made her first appearance in the MV drama of Day By Day.
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    kangjing got a reaction from untitled in [12.05.31] T-ara's Thailand concert on June 3rd is sold out   
    When is it Singapore's turn?!?! Haha! I'll definitely get the tickets if it's T-ara's concert, not Kpop concert!
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    kangjing got a reaction from Kevyeon Couple in [12.04.06] T-ara to promote as 9 members beginning in July   
    AHHH!!!! I really really just hope that the current members don't get replaced!
    I think he wants to achieve a model like some japanese and taiwan-ese group uses,eg, 棒棒糖. which forces the members to constantly improve themselves...eventually they will be good enough to be solo artises. But we love the group not individuals! ><
    All the best to the girls! i hope that nothing bad will happen to them! Fighting!
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