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  1. Thank you so much. It worked for me and I installed the app. The problem with google store that I wasn't really able to figure out how to change regional setting there. Though as xbot I have also only 1 minute song-length. I don't know if maybe they didn't get my payment yet, cause there is still no reply on my post
  2. I thought location is based on your sim card. But i will try thank you
  3. Oh really, that can be a problem for me. I cannot download android app I am still waiting for some notification from t-ara union..
  4. This is kind of an issue. Since I guess I should get some kind of account upgrade or something from t-ara union. And i even cannot install mellon player for android. It's not available in my country It seems like I will have to use player for pc, hopefully that will still work
  5. Well, I actually downloaded player. But I haven't got any notification from t-ara union. Should there be something they will send? Cause i am trying to play song in the player and it shows only 1 minute+. I dunno if there is something with my account still. And is it possible to know after how much I streamed or what actually counted?
  6. I ordered it today. And i noticed they made a little discount that was good
  7. I mean they made that button so invisible. I was clicking everywhere but couldn't post But I am so happy now. I hope I will figure out how to stream and everything cause it's my first time on Melon
  8. Finally, guys I figured this out. If someone needs it. Just click at that highlighted button to post. It's at the very bottom right corner. Took me really long time
  9. If you figure that out how to post the form, please let me know I also sent an email message to their email address but no reply so far.
  10. Thank you for your reply. I don't know how to post that form. Cause there is no post option as I checked And site is currently down.
  11. I didn't know about this chance. And i just sent the money. But I cannot find how to post at taraunion website Can someone help me, please?
  12. She underrates her solo. I would give her all those 100 + points
  13. This is amazing, I love the tune and I am interested about the mv. I am expecting it to be black&white + plus in color as well
  14. Aw, lucky Queen's of these countries. I feel like for me to see them, would need to go to Korea.
  15. This looks interesting, I am wondering if there is something about ballet.
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