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  1. So she broke up with her long time boyfriend due to "busy schedules" and not seeing eachother much, then goes to a Japanese guy who even lives in another country and would date him...and all that in a couple months time. I'm kinda disappointed by her something seems off.
  2. This was one of the worst Meet&greets I have attended tbh. The girl's barely had any time to pick and read fan messages. Plus thanks to people who order and cancel I lost my spot which was a winning spot and got picked. Honestly considering not buying from Mwave anymore it gets worse and worse.
  3. One day my heart will explode because of this little beauty,just look at her sleeping
  4. This is one amazing Birthday present they got me lol finaly something to look forward to on my birthday.
  5. I was thinking the exact same thing just because they will wear those sporty outfits like CP lol.
  6. I think the person behind her is Soyeon judging from that she is not that much taller than Boram. They look like Soyeon her nails too "lol".
  7. I was wondering did Qri get those stars as a tattoo or are they only for performances? Because I noticed them on her wrist before but they were on the other side in one of their performances unless I'm fooled by the mirroring effect lol
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