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  1. They all look so pretty ! And I loved this song a lot! Aha and I can't wait till Soyeon snd boram preform next week ! Yay lol
  2. Is the video out yet? Because I really want to see it. aha
  3. 13????? woah oh man. even an english version. I cannot wait. Yay ! LOl
  4. I swear T-ara looks better and better every time I see them >they are all so beautiful
  5. These are amazing. Thank You so much. They all look wonderful
  6. Im way to excited. Go tara! Slay ara! I just hope they win, they deserve if
  7. I have to wait like a month for that. 3 weeks for it to come out then a week for the subs.. aha
  8. I have over 2000 points but im waiting for my new phone so i can update it on that! Aha , i hope they have something that can chnage the skin thingy lol
  9. I have a question? Anyone can do that? On t-ara holic
  10. Shes so pretty! She can even skate. Amazing! Go jiyeon
  11. I am beyond excited. Like i cant even explain it. Im so happy. I hope tara has an all kill
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