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  1. I really can't wait to watch their drama !!! I'm so impatient to be able to watch Qri's story >.< Just one month, FIGHTING !!!!
  2. Lee Donggun !!! I'm happy for her I really like him, she is a great actor. I hope that he will take care of Ji Yeon. They have 12 years old in difference but it's not a probleme. They love each other so let them date.
  3. I really like their comeback !! Plus I'm so happy to see Eun Jung with long hair ^^ (It's been a while) The song is so cool and I love their navy outfits. The dance is so funny ans sexy too.
  4. I'm so happy for T-ara !!! It's so great to know that they are very popular in China and I hope that they will stay
  5. Can't wait to watch her music video clip The MV looks so cool !!! Plus, she looks really class ^^
  6. Cool !! It's really fine that Ji Yeon have a member who has the same age as her. Oh ! I can't wait to see their new MV with the new memebr and of course to have their new album with NEW song >.<
  7. Poor Ji Yeon ! I feel very tired for her. I hope that she wouldn't get sick because of that She works very hard : movie, variety shows, interviews and Tiara (of course and the album) ! Wow ! It's like that being a celebrity, what can we do ? GOOD LUCK JI YEON !
  8. Eeeeeehhhh !! Waht a 7 new member !! Ryu Hwayoung is pretty but I hope too that she can sing. And what ! Eun Jung Leader will be change to Boram !!!!! I don't understand Core Contents Media. Eun Jung is a good LEADER. It's not that I don't like Boram but she does anything compare to Eun Jung ! Why Why ? Poor Eun Jung, she must be very sad and it's what all fan must feel ! I'm shock !
  9. BRAVO ! I love So Yeon solo's song ! And so happy for Ji Yeon for playing the ghost ? teh lead cast. I'm impatient to see the movie !
  10. I saw that !! Ji Yeon was so cute ! And Rain who laught (so cute too) !! Yoo Seung Ho is lucky to have kiss our Maknae Ji Yeon !! I don't really like him too !
  11. It's good that everything gos so well for them and with Jeong Eum as their new model, they can only gain more visitors in the future !
  12. The 2 songs are very good !! I love their new song "I Go Crazy because of you" !! And their new concept is so wow !! Qri is so beautiful !
  13. Oh !!! I can't wait to see the MV and the repackage album !! Qri is so beautiful ! The song seems to be good !
  14. Hehe !! Can't wait to see it !! Ji yeon is so beautiful and so funny with her mirror !! But does Ji Yeon play the principal role ? Because if that's the case JiYeon is perfect for this role ! And (of coure) I will be very, no we will be very happy !!!
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