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  1. No it isn't, it's Namhyum's Instagram, he is Jiyeon's stylist and he uploads pictures of him putting make up on the girls, fixing hair, etc. Like in this ones:
  2. @xoflango I was thinking exactly the same! xD but I don't know, I love it *-* lol
  3. @Dognybba Yeah I totally agree with you also, I will keep that phrase in mind always, I was watching the news and what makes this tragedy worst is that they were all kids/teens and it really is heart breaking, so I'm glad that CCM is thinking of them, I can tell they really care about the family of the victims hopefully they're not only thinking about netizens.
  4. I think you guys didn't understand what @Collar McPoppins is trying to say... Let me explain it @n@ I need to say that I agree with you again If you lose someone, taking away all the "things that could make you remember about it" really won't help 'cause is something that stays inside you like a tatoo, something you won't be able to forget even though you take away everything related to it. So why should others throw to the trash all their hard work? Is not like in the video appears the ocean or a boat, they just splash water, so if a girl takes a photo inside a pool she should delete it because it might be reminded? No, I thank CCM for having some consideration for the family of the victims and I pray for all the victims, but remember this is not the first time that a tragedy occurs and it's not going to be the last, you just have to learn how to deal with it without hurting you again and again... I'm not a cold-hearted girl I just speak my mind
  5. I really can't wait for her debut, I think I'll like the whole mini-album, specially Ahn Young Min's song I love all the songs he has composed for T-ara until now x3 Jiyeon Fighting!
  6. OMG I almost fell off my chair >w< Jiyeonie you have grown up very well, It feels like it was yesterday when she was only 16 years old x3 I like all members but lately I have stuck my eyes on her haha
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