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  1. Wow... That was really, really good. Do you think they will release a studio single? I would totally buy this without a doubt! Although when hyomin sang 'crap, crap' i was suprised! I though she was swearing until i realised she said clap
  2. Hey thanks. I think heard most of those songs but never even though about it. Especially Day by Dar, Lies and Cry Cry. Only listen to the faster beat version And solo... Probably my fault since I tend to go for my bias so didn't know the others had ballads
  3. Wow, haven't heard T-ara singing a ballad. Does anyone know any other ballad songs sang by T-ara? So it seems CCM really concentrate on Jiyeon and Boram, although i really wish Hyomin get more lines. Then again, previous songs had Hyomin singing more. I remember TTL, Bo Peep had Hyomin singing and rapping a lot more than others
  4. You are right, any songs from T-ara to me was and is never a flop
  5. To me, regardless of whether WDID flopped or not, i would still support T-ara and still be part of QUEENs. So they're coming our with a new song. Well it's almost Christmas, of course they are going to come out with a new song. KARA,EXO and Secret (that's all I can remember) came out songs relating to Christmas so they can cash in on the holiday spirit. I'm pretty if able, every artist would. Right now what's more important is we are QUEENs and we will support T-ara.. always. Sure, they may not reach the top of the charts. I'm upset sometimes at that, but I always remind myself that they are still around and performing. To me that's more important than the status. Yes i'm aware of the implications of sales will affect they're status. But hey, we're here right? We will make sure they stay around to keep us entertained
  6. Oh God... Why do you do this to me Minnie....
  7. hmmm, i noticed soyeon's not singing.. hope she's feeling well
  8. Hyomin suddenly look like an OL (Office Lady) Better yet, a Ho t OL
  9. You know, maybe i'm the only one but i think i just noticed something. From the beginning i discovered T-ara, the only one i noticed was really shining was Jiyeon and Eunjung. Although Hyomin was almost out there but when Day by Day, Hyomin really shined. Although this was probably because i was watching Invincible Youth Now with Number 9 and What Should I Do, it seems T-ara have really outdone themselves. You can really see and notice Boram and Qri on the stage and nobody seems to be left out. This made me really have the feels and I wish the best for them. Sorry if i make every one upset, but I really don't mind if they never made to the top in the charts. As long as they're around, making music and entertaining us... I'm content :)
  10. Hyomin looks sooooo much better in this blue outfit that the pink one
  11. To me, it looked like they're holding hands. Notice that Jiyeon's hands in the pocket are somewhat the same level as Soyeon's hands
  12. It's so nice to see the girls smiling and having fun in the MV
  13. well personally i like the song, regardless of the MV. i tend to listen to the song before i watch the MV, to see whether i would like the song in the first place or not. I believe the MV can sometimes influence whether you would like the song or not i personally think the clothes are not tacky. maybe they are trying to channel the 70's look but with a modern perspective?
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