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  1. funny.they really curious with the foods. but what is in the glass bottle that make Jiyeon & Sso scream? it look like its smelly.
  2. HAHAHAHA.they really so happy. so proud with everyone.
  3. awww.good maknae.she must be thinking Boram not comfortable coz its big height difference. thats must be why she swap place with her.
  4. i want to know what they saying.please sub this.
  5. Username : arebot84 Award : Queen's Award Logo Achievement: signing up Username: arebot84 Award: EunYeon - Eunjung x Jiyeon Achievement:25 post Username: arebot84 Award: MinKyul - Hyomin x Qri Achievement:50 post Username: arebot84 Award: SsoRam - Soyeon x Boram Achievement:100 post done. i don't know if this was correct or not.
  6. 141230 THE SHOW 티아라 Jiyeon MC CUT + Interview + Roly Poly Cr: kim ioio@youTube +
  7. 141211 T-ARA (티아라) - Sugar Free + Roly Poly @ K-pop Winter Special cr: DonghaeELFSuJu@youtube
  8. everyone was so focus to T-ara performance. i can see some mistake at Boram dance.
  9. I heard she was a comedian before but now she is MBK stylist.
  10. I have hear the MV yesterday.the MV is funny & I like it. About the beat, I dont remember much only it is sound catchy because I'm to focus on reading the eng sub & i only hear ones.i can say if its make to T-ara style.its gonna be fun. I cant wait to see what happen. P.s: I dont watch the anime version yet.
  11. i can't watch it.SBS hate my country. please post another link.
  12. its not available in my Malaysia.look like i have to wait again.
  13. the end of they cb teaser.Soyeon say they doing balt? that why Ji & others was laughing.pabo Soyeon. Hyeri having fun teasing Jiyeon.those 2 crazy kids. can TD subbers translate the 'The Show News', pleaseee.
  14. its getting much better. Thank you for your hard work.
  15. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! to cuteeee.i can'ttttttt. COME HERE KITTY.LET ME BITE YOU. can't resist to see it.