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  1. thanks for reading!

    1. it's queenbee

      it's queenbee

      Thanks too! I've enjoyed it very much! :)

    2. t-araGO


      Were you reading my stuff 2 years ago too?

  2. wow i think each story fits their personality o.o but why is Eunjung a pick pocket XD
  3. Thank you for the translation. I like how they work hard but it seems like they are never happy with their latest performances. o.O
  4. I miss the WooJung couple They were the funnest and most genuine couple to watch.
  5. Yay EunMin is real! lol I wonder how the song will be like.
  6. The MV looks like an introduction to a second song, or to a longer version of that song. It was kind of confusing to me. And why does Minyeon get to have Eunjung's voice? o.O I hope there will be a 2nd song lol.
  7. T-ara is on my mind.

  8. Good job Queen's! You guys are the best. People can see how T-ara's fans can help the world while cheering them on.
  9. I'm the kid who never finishes fanfictions :D jk, I've finished some, believe me

  10. Okay it's working. Thank you guys. Good luck to everyone.
  11. My account hasnt been deleted but as soon as I log out, I cant get back in. I cant create a new account with the same name. Right now im on my phone because I can't get in with my laptop
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