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  1. that glasses guy look familiar. is he the same person that in shannon & speed 'remember you' mv? I wait for eng sub.
  2. if anyone asking about t-ara do roly poly dance just like in the their teaser earlier. i think you all have to wait for they 2nd IS2 because this is versus competition so it has 2 part.this is 1st part so just wait for their 2 part. maybe there will be Eunmin do roly poly in IS2 part 2.
  3. i have finish playing it. i feel satisfied because i can play it. TQ to the team who make this game. you really should tell T-ara about this game & send the CD to them. dont forget to ask they comment about the game to. they surely happy about it.
  4. they also will show it in Shanghai & overseas. great,T-ara was famous in China & overseas.
  5. it say" embedding disabled by request.watch on youtube."you cant watch here.watch it in youtube.i also cant watch here but i can in youtube. maybe it have some problems that why you cant watch here.
  6. "On the 27th, T-ara will donate remaining 10 million won (~$10,000) to the Sharing Campaign "Hope Windmill" organized by the Red Cross by directly visiting the event." that's why they cancelled KBS Gayo Daechukje on the same date. doing good is more important. that is why im more in love with this girls.
  7. the lady at 3:51 say "wah! yeppuda" the elders like them.they really having fun hear they song.
  8. cant watch at above video. so I give this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hd-JHP85DAE&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  9. it only a teaser but already sound so addictive. cant wait to watch this.i surely gonna download this.
  10. is this will be showed this monday at kbs world? I will wait for it.i never miss this show.
  11. oh my! the price is so......... look like I can only buy it next year........ if I can... but I must try to buy it next year...
  12. oh!isn't that Village Chief?(i forgot the village name. ) after IY1,he's famous now. he still remember Hyomin.why he call Hyomin? i want to know what they saying.i hope there is eng sub?
  13. 1st I play the video, half of it I forgot to hear the song because I'm to focus on the mv.then I replay it back again but I still forget to hear the song until finish. lol 3rd time I play it then I really hear it without watching. i think Hyomin act & the mv make me forget to hear the song i can't wait to watch the movie..
  14. I know because of that my twitter full of Eunji stan tweets & pictures to.
  15. it was taken when Jiyeon knee is hurt.there half of them are sick to. I notice there a lot Eunji moment.looks like Eunji stan will be active later...
  16. hmmm!i also chose no.3 because it looks much better.but why i feeling i have seen that pic before?? is that T-ara idea to make it like that?? or KKS want to hear Queen's words & make a decision for T-ara now. this time he much more open to Queen's.
  17. I can see how serious the unnies face.they so hard to smile, even can see they force to smile & some don't smile at all. i can see soyeon force to smile a little. from they faces reaction i can see they hope the performance finish fast. everyone are so worried to jiyeon. I hope jiyeon getting better fast . I'm so worried about her. but I like the part where they should kneel but they just turn.the way they turn to the side is so beautiful.
  18. I can't watch it.some of the link is in private. can anyone please load it again...
  19. i want to know what are saying... i'm waiting for eng sub...
  20. i want to watch so much but i think i will wait for the sub....
  21. I love seing this show...it show about they family.I always been waiting to see & know more about this family. .. I like to see the part 3 video.even though there is some awkward atmosphere there between Boram & her father but I can feel the warm feelings around that family...Boram father is a soft & warm person to his daughters...♡ to tell the truth.when I see that moment, I was suddenly crying.not because sad but because I can feels the strong feeling of love & warmth between them in that awkward moment...but it also make me smiling... maybe we will see many moment in this family.happy, crying & laughing but It was fun & happy to see this loving & warm family... I love this cute & petit family... can't wait to see the eng sub...
  22. I like the Jireum couple interview,the feeling is so warm.they look so comfortable to each other... that bed look so comfy even Jiyeon look half asleep but why I'm the also feel so sleepy looking at that bed... Soyeon asking Boram about her sister, d-unit Ram...make me curious about what she talking about... can't wait to see the sub...♡
  23. I always notice that the black shirt women always be with Boram wherever they go.like in nagoya & Tokyo, she sometime hold Boram.I think maybe she Boram manager & her job to make Boram save all the time...
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