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  1. This really is a touching interview! <3

    T-ARA really has worked hard, even at there pike of the carrier they still worked hard

    and people just seems to ignore it. And I do believe that people learn from their mistakes.

    People who haven't experience it won't know what it is like.

    How many other girl-group have experience all this harsh criticism as T-ARA.

    Even before T-ARA's debut the K-nitizen criticized them for nothing.

    (don't mean to critisize but) Even most of the girl-groups don't have as harsh criticism as T-ARA,

    all they have been through are like plastic surgery or some dating scandal.

    No matter what T-ARA do gets bad noise from the K-nitizen and I just doesn't get why!

    They have lived with this criticism in all these 4 years, but it was last year that the biggest came out

    but it's not like T-ARA haven't experience it so they'll support each other and go through it.

    That's why T-ARA have lived for 4 years and will LIVE LONG!!! <3<3<3


  2. this is all KKS and CCM's fault but all the bashing goes on T-ARA

    and that's really something I don't like about this company!

    They can't handle the business! And it's a really disappointment for

    such a great group with great fan-base!

    I really want to tell KKS to go to some business management classes,

    cause this is not how you manage a company and a label, not only CCM

    as well as T-ARA!!!

  3. I feel teary when I read this! I like that they called it self a re-debut.

    Because they have come back as new, more mature and stronger then before

    this is a whole new T-ARA we are looking at!

    And I like their mindset! If we get those criticism it's because you don't know us, and if you don't,

    we will work hard to make you like us! And this is why i love them <3

    Everyone one know how much hardship they went through the past years, not

    only last years, even from when they debuted,

    and even though time after time all these rumors and xxxx hits them, they never falls

    that the spirit of T-ARA! <3

    And I as a Queen's will always support and be there for them hardship after hardship!

  4. WOW, lucky those fans, god I wish I lived in Korea...

    Let the past be the past, we still have a great future worth fighting for <3

    This is why I'll always support T-ARA, they have the kindest hearts

    but other people just try to bury them... making them suffer

    What makes me just want to LOVE them and support them even more!


  5. SOOOOOOOOOOOO Happy for Soyeon

    It must have been hard for them to maintain during this period

    but really happy to know that there's been someone cheering for her during the hardship

    They look so happy so cute! Even though they say it's their 1000th anniversary it's not really like

    that, he's been to the army for almost 2 years... for really dating it's just like a year.. but for them to

    overcome the 2 years it's love and happiness


  6. this article brings out the sadness and the happiness...

    It's hurtful every time mentioning the things that you want to forget, and as much as you try to erase it, it engraves in history!

    But just as the reason I first started to like T-ARA, T-ARA is a group of girls that are much

    stronger then they look, and there's so much more inside of them that you don't know about if

    you don't spend the time and will to find out and understand about them.

    Even though they are on the other half of the earth, I will with all my might support them wherever I am!!

    Once a Queen's, forever a Queen's !

  7. I really really really really really hope this IS NOT the version they will debut in the US with

    I really really really really really hope this was just a remix!!!

    Even though I really love T-ARA N4 and support what they do, but this version is BAD, they have ruined the K-pop style

    it feels like they have made "jeon won diary" into some crazy, bad black sexy thingy!!

    The sexy thing is alright, but the music, rhythm is really weird!
    And I can already visualise the bad response, if this is the one! And T-ARA N4 do not deserve it.

    If they keep creating things like this... it will make it hard for me to keep supporting them, but I will try my best.

    AND I will as always support T-ARA and T-ARA N4 in their korean and japanese style <3

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