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  1. really can't wait for it!!! Just so happy to be able to see her act again! and still crossing fingers for her chinese movie
  2. oh ok, sorry can't you like put it in a drive? Or mega or anything alike. Since I suppose the Zip will be bigger then 15mb... But If you can just send it to me then, nicke_1992@hotmail.com I'll be thankful if you can send me those 100+ Interview photos too
  3. No I mean can someone share it in a Zip or anything alike? Because I wan't to save all the pictures but it's a lot of work so save it all one by one... Or do you mean that you don't know how to make a zip?
  4. is it possible to share it in a zip file or anything alike?
  5. can you share these pictures in like a Zip file or anything?
  6. why is there a lot of the pictures not showing? Dead links?
  7. Yeah, Jippi, Assaaaa!!! It sounds like the character is a perfect fit for Jiyeon. Hope her character finally gets some love from others in the drama and not like the other characters Can't be any happier, Hope it doesn't take long till it airs!!
  8. wow, Hyomin really is a beginner!!! I would be feeling so unease! She drives like my brother who is practising for his driver license... And that amubulance behind her really annoys me, is it like following her! Shouldn't it drive away when it has the chance??!
  9. this is so sad, no more The Show Jiyeon on Tuesdays!!! :'(
  10. Is this a plastic surgery clinic?? What is she doing there? does this mean that she got something done?
  11. i really do love this couple!!! They are so cute and it feels like they have the best chemistry. I really hope and wish that they can be together for a long long time! And maybe soon get married, coz I believe that even though the got married they will still be active as celebrities/artist!!
  12. I don't know how to accept this endorsement! I am a hong kong/chinese(but born and raised in Sweden) so listening to the chinese version of Cry Cry really makes me CRY! Coz It's SOOOO Bad!!!!!! And the cosplay clothes... Jiyeon and Eunjung-unnie looks good, The rest of the unnies are acceptable but Hyomin is like a mannequin, anything on her looks beautiful, but they succeded making it impropper! Well I have never liked the chinese commercial and things soo... Anyway the only thing to do is accept the reality, and I do thank and have gratitude towards these brands in China that help T-ARA make a great earning and spread their name T-ARA FIghting
  13. Eunjung-unnie is such a godess! My heart hurt so much when I saw her in pain!!! It's so nice that they got a happy ending, but it seems like the kiss scene was only in the MV and not the drama... Can't wait for her Thai-movie!!! T-ARA Fighitng, Eunjung-unnie FIghting!
  14. This drama is so sad!!! Love Jiyeons acting, my heart ached and I litterally cried with her :'( But didn't they have a kiss scene? I thought I saw one on those Behind-the-scene pictures... Well anyway, thank god this time Jiyeon didn't have to die at the end but her lover did Can't wait for her movie with real life boyfriend, which I thought was suppose to air in october..., but hope it will air soon enough T-ARA Fighting, Jiyeon Fighting!!!
  15. WOW givewaway, I love it!! Even though I haven't once been picked... but will still participate! Should start making some posts!
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