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  1. As a fan Loyal fan of T-Ara I am very happy if I won any of this items. Plus I am able to spread the fandom in my country Philippines. T-Ara FIGHTING!!!
  2. It's Hyomin's feet.. kekeke.. I'm very sure about it...
  3. Old Username: Jiyeonholic New Username: Jiyeonholic Link to any one of your posts: so far none Donor: No Reputation Points: 2,000+
  4. So pretty Hyomin. gosh i so love her... Kyaa...
  5. My profile has been deleted aigoo....

    1. Jiyeonholic


      updating... keke. Finally!!! ^_^

  6. a chair huh??/ omona!!! getting excited to her comeback... plus T-Ara coming here.. another PLUS!!!! hehehe...
  7. OMG!!!! I am now gonna download it. i am going to enjoy playing this and i will be able to see them in action.. ahaha.
  8. T-Ara are so kind to their fans that's why I love them so much. I wish I was there. hehe.
  9. OMONA... The two great rappers of T-Ara now gone... waeyo...??? why is this happening is there something happening behind the camera that we Queens don't don't aigoo...
  10. thank you for sharing this episode. *huggies* T-Ara Lover from the Philippines..
  11. did eunjung cut her hair short again O_O omo... im confused!!!
  12. omg! the teaser pictures are so beautiful!!! i so love it
  13. OMO.. this is so exciting... now i will really save money to buy all T-ara merchandise for sure.. hahaha.. I am really their fan when it comes to their albums and stuff. hehe.. T-Ara FIGHTING and Hyomin can you help me on my fashion sense? i dont like the way I dress. aigoo hehe..
  14. OMO. I really wonder how does Hyomin keeps her body physically fit despite the fact that she eats so many foods? hehehe... but i like it.. hehehe.. hyomin FIGHTING!! T-Ara FIGHTING!!
  15. I always love T-Ara songs... wish they will have a concert in the Philippines...
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