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  1. Freaking excited for Christmas

  2. Great interview, always love it when Eunjung speaks out her mind freely like this!
  3. Summer break starts in 2 weeks \o/

  4. September seems so far away tho But hey, patience is key I guess. But anyways, Qri looks really cute in that poster!
  5. Finally got a sig for once! lol

  6. Glad she's been updating her IG a lot lately! She's cute as always here
  7. Hi!! Thanks for the add ^^

    1. asah_ara2472


      You're welcome. ^^

  8. Oh Ready Go Ready Go

  9. Thank you for the updates Congrats T-ara on the awards And as usual the girls look gorgeous! (especially Jiyeon, Hyomin and Qri)
  10. Cute and looking good as always~
  11. That's so cool! And it was so sweet of her to plant trees there, too
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