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  1. THING IS T-ARA.. I'd totally watch your movies but I'm the biggest chicken to ever walk this planet. So sorry But I'm glad there's a lot of hype. Way to go, Eunjung.
  2. Happy Birthday~! I hope that you will have awesome b-day. Have fun & Enjoy~! :D

  3. happy birthday! ^^


    have a blast bday! <3



  4. YAYYYYYY FRIGGIN FINALLY. I'm psyched. And they're definitely clashing with Co.Ed promotions, yeah?
  5. GORGEOUS. I love Boram's hanbok the best. And then Eunjung's. And Jiyeon got her bangs cut! Thanks, Elly.
  6. My favourite dress would have to be Hyomin's. Qri looks the best overall. It's great to see her smile.
  7. OMGGG. THERE ARE SO MANY /FLAIL I love every single shot of qri/boram. thanks a lot.
  8. Really. Okay. I don't mind the leader change but another member wasn't entirely necessary. Nonetheless, let's see how this works out.
  9. hi. i remember you from 4minutes. i don't see you on there anymore :/

  10. it's later today! I'M SO FRIGGIN EXCITED. my stomach hurt alot last night so i couldn't sleep. lol T_T I'll tell you everything tomorrow :)

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