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  1. happy birthday! God bless :))

    enjoy your day..

  2. pellas...

    r u really banned??

    or it was only group name?

  3. I just creat a fansite ò T-ara for Vietnamese T-ara's fan on fb, please support us http://www.facebook.com/pages/Im-Vietnamese-%EF%BA%95-And-I-Love-T-ara-/181300965270685

  4. i don't know :(

  5. i'm from Vietnam :)

    are you Vietnamese ?. you know T-ara fansite for Vietnamese : http://www.t-aravn.net/forum/

  6. nice to meet you

  7. hi you

    glad to see you

  8. hi ^^ do you know me :-?

    hope you remember me :">

    p.s: i can't speak English :-ss

  9. yeah, it's great. It's a short summer, rl. For me, I stay at home all day cuz I dont have any classes. Just surfing on net or watching TV. I'm bored now =.=". Enjoy your holiday ~

  10. Ka*

    hi! thanks for the welcome xD

  11. oh, that's great. now you can relax and enjoy T-ara comeback activities XD

    and me.I'm on summer holiday.i finished my final exam almost 1 month ago,but July 11, i must come back to uni to learn.it's so short summer for me T.T

  12. Hi sunbae, long time no see XD~, Yeah, I did it quite well but some spots I chose correct answers at first but in the end, I chose another, oh my god TT.TT Anw, it seems not bad at all LOL. How are u?

  13. hi u^^

    how is your entrance exam ? you did it well right ? ^^

  14. pelas... ineed u rhelp...TT-TT can u help me...

    if u can PM me...:D

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