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  1. THING IS T-ARA.. I'd totally watch your movies but I'm the biggest chicken to ever walk this planet. So sorry But I'm glad there's a lot of hype. Way to go, Eunjung.
  2. YAYYYYYY FRIGGIN FINALLY. I'm psyched. And they're definitely clashing with Co.Ed promotions, yeah?
  3. GORGEOUS. I love Boram's hanbok the best. And then Eunjung's. And Jiyeon got her bangs cut! Thanks, Elly.
  4. My favourite dress would have to be Hyomin's. Qri looks the best overall. It's great to see her smile.
  5. OMGGG. THERE ARE SO MANY /FLAIL I love every single shot of qri/boram. thanks a lot.
  6. Really. Okay. I don't mind the leader change but another member wasn't entirely necessary. Nonetheless, let's see how this works out.
  7. it's later today! I'M SO FRIGGIN EXCITED. my stomach hurt alot last night so i couldn't sleep. lol T_T I'll tell you everything tomorrow :)

  8. hehe, awesome. where are you seated?

  9. hey ang, you're going to sauga concert tomorrow? :)

  10. Asian students in their uniforms .. covered in blood.. Okay, I didn't enjoy the concept of Battle Royale so I don't think this one's gonna float my boat. Creepy. I'm guessing Qri has a really small part in this?
  11. Ahh, so that's why she tweeted about Japan. Makes sense. Did she colour her hair a different shade? Stylish as always and lol, I see Shinyoung behind her.
  12. BEST GROUP WITHOUT MAKEUP. and thank you diadem for confirming the news. But I still question their uh.. japanese debut? Excited for them /major spazz
  13. omg Jiyeon's all dressed up! I can't wait to see this. Usually, idols who acts are very ehh or average to me but Jiyeon has by far set a good impression.
  14. Yeah, the makeup is a bit heavy. But I think it's suppose to match the vamp concept. Qri probably has the best outfit here.
  15. where's the qri gif from? so cute :)!

  16. Hyomin wearing the Canada cap is so awesome. Show some love for the Canucks. I love the beach towel, it rolls up into a "purse".
  17. Oh wow.. that's a really elegant water tube. Boram/Hyo/Qri look so adorable with the big hats
  18. I think Eunjung's song is called "Coffee House". The duet with Soyeon and Ok Juhyun seems promising.
  19. /can hear all the fanboys flailing. WOW SHINY LEGS *__* Is that rope around their jean shorts?
  20. Our gorgeous girls I love the white outfits with the cute frilly bows. Thanks Sarah!
  21. Very cute. I think Jinon's gotten pretty close to the girls. And LOL is he comparing phones?
  22. late on the comments! sorry and thank you for the birthday wish :)

  23. just checked my comments. thank you so much for the birthday wish olivia <3

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