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  1. Ugh! These past few day have been emotional whirlwind for us Queen's, from the time the news released by MBK escalated! Up to now, I seriously don't know if I should believe all these? Well, except for the album release, been waiting for that, positively! But, the saddened news of them disbanding? Or them, having their last album as 6-ara? I don't think I can digest that! And I am in denial still... thinking, that all of these was just another propaganda of MBK? And knowing their history? Seems like good or bad publicity is still a publicity for them?! And definitely, T-ARA has no idea of all the things that has been released yet, learned it first after the news has been released, rather than from their company?! We know, it happened to them allot of times, right?! I am still hoping and praying, that these wonderful ladies deserve the glory that was once taken from them, because of all the mess that has happened before, the cruelty of the antis and their company's mishandling of the situation (in favor of, I think we know who?! I don't know.)?! I'm still hoping for a positive greater possibilities for T-ARA's future, a miracle perhaps? Like, when I met them was just like a pin in a haystack yet, it happened! Oh! I think I just have to be positive for T-ARA! Let's all hope and pray for a better outcome of their up and coming album! T-ARA Fighting!
  2. Yey! I've got a copy of these two now! Thanks to Kristine ... #t_ara #t_araalbum #t_aran4…

  3. heheh... Hwayoung's Guide: The Art Of Pretending To Be Determined via @kpoprhetoric

  4. Thank you for this lovely purse and dark chocolate ... ate nidz and kuya ed! Appreciate it much!…

  5. ? ????? #burger #stackersburger #fridatenightwithcuzs #dinein #burgergram #gynestagram…

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  7. A Happiest Birthday to HahmKyuls ... ?@taraeunjung1212 and @QriPretty !!! ??? May our good Lord…

  8. Our dinner while chatting ... with my peeps... #pennepasta #beeftapawithscrambbledeggintomatoes…

  9. Yey! Reached 1M views in one day and still counting! #goT_ara #T_aracomeback2016 #T_araRemember…

  10. Good luck to your new movie project! Queen's will always be here to support you and T-ara! Fighting!

  11. Thanks charte_ph Ms. Charlene. I already received the package. I will surely enjoy using…

  12. Chocolate Pistachio Sans-rival ... Desserts... #chocolatepistachiosansrival #foodie…

  13. 21 hours more to go! Then, again... #1BillboardFanArmy2016 #t