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  1. Oh well, it seems like that not only me can't see the resemblance here
  2. OMG if only i could go there They are sooooo pretty!
  3. Tamia

    Hi ^^ who r u xD

  4. Ka*

    hey, mia~~!

    good day^^

  5. 70.000 is an amazing number! Hope that they will make a big hit! Aja fighting
  6. nice to meet u too, thks 4 welcoming me xD

  7. hey, a new Viet-subber here ^^~. Congratulations! Nice to mee you

  8. active in T7VN and 360kpop also :D

  9. haha that's ok^^ I liv in HN

    It seems like I saw u somewhere,r u active on 360kpop or T7VN?

  10. I reply lately, so sr, cuz i didnt notice it

    Where re u living? HCM or HN? ^^

  11. Why did she cry? Ah... Jiyeon's really cute, always and always
  12. Eunjung really controls the stage when she stand on it Love her Love Baek Hee
  13. WTH? I cant understand how can they think that. She is the member who is very outstanding among T-ara Jiyeon can sing, dance, acting, and do killing aegyo For me, she is the best Why do that stupid netizens never let her go?
  14. Yup~ If I heard abt the bullying among the members of T-ara, I would be like Eunjung, huh and laugh
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