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  1. What? I saw a dateeee 2011/11/11. Is it going to be released tomorrow or on the 18th? Seriously i cant wait any more time pls fly faster xD
  2. Guys go to LOEN channel and watch so the views will be higher Btw i love Cry Cry more than Lovey Dovey hehehe
  3. Definitely falling in love with Qri Soooo coooool xoxoxo Ji Yeon looks like a boy, Eun Jung and Hwa Young are like 2 cutest dolls ever hahaa im really curious what they will promote this time Btw, Bo Ram and So Yeon looks really mature, love it so muchhhh! Looking forward to this November hehee GO T-ARA!
  4. i like her combat boots well i have to admit that her fashion never disappoint me hahaaa nice style girl!
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