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  1. She's kicked out thanks to them and look at what are they saying. LOL
  2. Guys, calm down. What's with all this unnecessary hate towards Dani? Her age shouldn't be a problem. Same for being casted on the street. She isn't only idol who casted on the street or debuted @ this age. I can list many talented idols who casted while walking on the street. These are some really stupid excuses. Currently she's working really hard to be a good addition to t-ara, learning all choreos of the group. She didn't forced anybody for joining to t-ara, right? Ceo wanted and she accepted. I also would do same thing. She may be really excited to be a part of the group so what's wrong with wanting to debut as soon as possible? Of course ccm won't accep it if she isn't ready yet. Of course t-ara worked hard to be 'current t-ara' but @ same time they all got their moneys and enjoyed from their popularity. Now, it's time for Dani and Areum to work hard to be good additions to t-ara. Can't you guys be a bit mature and just wait for their debut to judge or hate on them?
  3. Happy Birthday!!! :D :D :D

  4. Soyeon will Release a Digital Single With Hit Composer Ahn Young Min. Single will release on April 28th. Ahn Young Min wrote lyrics of T-ARA's lies, Wanna play, Apple is A, Tic Tic Toc, Davichi's Love War, SG wannabe's I love You, First Snow, Life partner, Arirang, Lalala, Sunflower and more... Shortly he composed a lot of great songs for Mnet artists. Soyeon's voice is great and composer is Daebak... So I can't wait to hear what he wrote this time...
  5. [PICS] Hwayoung's Cyworld Updates (04/08) For the rest of the images, visit : http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/index.php?app=gallery&album=1044&st=1800 For the rest of the images, visit : http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/index.php?app=gallery&album=1044&st=1800 CREDIT : Hwayoung's Cyworld + zeynep + tiaradiadem.com
  6. hy.. nice to know you..

  7. Of course Hyomin is beautiful. I can't wait to hear song but I want T-ara to collab with BraveBrothers for their next comeback. Don't buy song from E-Tribe again
  8. Sorry But BEASTLYT-ARA > Wonder Bang > 2pm&SNSD. They made it!!! BEST Collab EVER!
  9. Oopps Opps Baby! She is so cute I already love milk but I'l love more after this photos
  10. What a stup.. man. I can't laught his jokes. Guess why? I love hwayoung and yayaya so much. Who cares that man?
  11. giriş mesajım biraz tuhaf olmuş şimdi okuyunca anladım:D


  12. Selam sena :) Seni burada g

  13. He is sleeping on Soyeon's arm Whoaa, cute. He is so handsome imao.
  14. Selam Zeynep^^seni burda g

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