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  1. LMAO been on that mood...like most my life XD

  2. Hello XD

    I dont get the first commment u said O_o

  3. They call him by a "Liu Kang" I believe.

  4. There can only be one Tony.....U must challenge me in MORTAL KOMBAT!

  5. Welcome to the staff :D

  6. Nice to know Boram has me on her phone :3

  7. I'm still ur hyung =P

  8. lol Tony, but you're off by 1 year 2 days :P

  9. Looks like they'll be pretty busy in Japan.
  10. lol T-ara is sorta like SMAP now that I think of it.
  11. O_______________________Ov

  12. I have heard it does, yes.

  13. Tired from all the spazzing

  14. Aegisub is the way~

  15. Being trolled on the Roly Poly MV is like.......bah!

  16. I have declared Boram as my Wife! Mwuahaha =D

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