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  1. ahhh I don't like the make-up ;__; btw her new tattoo says becontrol
  2. thank you so much for the giveaway and happy 5th anniversary T-ara
  3. as I gamer player I need to say this is probably the cutest game ever I played and I enjoy it so much my problem was Qri with her make-up omg I tried so many times and I read the comments here and I need only to pick 4 times the same item o__O another thing is they walk slow but other than that I think everything is fine I love the music bg and the cartoons are so cute and adorable >.< thank you so much for this awesome game
  4. she really likes take pics hehehe I wish the other members join instagram too
  5. T-ara wae waee? omg they're so flawless, so pretties, so cute, so adorables I like all the hairstyles but I don't like Soyeon with that necklace yes she looks so elegant but a bit old ;O;
  6. thanks for the scan they look so cute and adorable omg I want all >__<
  7. xDD the guy is Yoon Sang Hyun, he's a really good actor and so handsome >__< (so biased lol) and he's my favourite actor and I liked he's doing the CFs with our girls ^^
  8. thanks for share ^^ omg Hyomin's wink was so cute I saw the pics and omg they look so pretty and cute and Soyeon's hair is long she looks so pretty
  9. thanks for the scans they look so cute >__< and you got the Boram card >__<
  10. so pretties and cute >O< lol Hwayoung's clothes looks like a pijama ^^ can't wait for HQ pics :'D
  11. I love all the clothes and the hairstyles but I'm tired of Qri's ponytails umm doesn't suit she I mean well for she I prefer others styles
  12. I don't know but the 1st pic looks like Hyomin and her babies xD they look so pretty (as always ^^) and is so cute to see Boram x Jiyeon aka BoJi interactions
  13. I love the pic where they wear white clothes they look so pure and remember me to lies era ^^ so sad Eunjung is here I love Hwayoung and Hyomin with make-up they seem having fun and make me smile ^^
  14. lol at Hyomin's pants I can't xD their look is so fresh I like the Eunjung's and Qri's looks the most ^O^
  15. they look so cool with sunglsses but OMFG!! they look SO pretty and cute with glasses sobs I want a one pair of glasses like the Hyomin ones or Eunjung ^^
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