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  1. Okay noted. Changed the title ~ Thank you for your advise ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  2. melodysoyani: 오늘의 숙제 씨디 1000장 싸인하기; 아자! Trans: Today's homework is to sign 1000 CDs! Hwaiting!! cr: Soyeon's instagram + Dinorawwrs + Sg_Ramborghini + T_araBar + Tiaradiadem
  3. [PRESS] T-ara @ M!Countdown (10/09) Rest of the picture can be found here : http://minus.com/mwiwal7a5HxJn To see the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/gallery/album/2334-mnet-mcountdown-1009/ CREDIT: On watermark of every pics + Dinorawwrs + Tiaradiadem
  4. melodysoyani: 처음 맛 본 메뉴 무지 달고 달면서 달다 #74#화창... cr: Soyeon's instagram + Dinorawwrs + Tiaradiadem
  5. melodysoyani: 꿀모닝 cr: Soyeon's instagram + Dinorawwrs + Tiaradiadem
  6. melodysoyani: Thank you so much ♡♡♡ melodysoyani: Thank you----- melodysoyani: Thank you very much cr: Soyeon's instagram + Dinorawwrs + Tiaradiadem
  7. melodysoyani: 고속도로에서 맞이하는 생일 1번해줘서 고마워 내 사람... melodysoyani: cr: Soyeon's Instagram + Dinorawwrs + tiaradiadem
  8. [EUNJUNG INSTAGRAM] sweetgirlej: 대구에서 서울 올라가는 길. 울 소연언니 생일을 맞아서 차에... cr: Eunjung's instagram
  9. sweetgirlej: 우리 메이크업스텝 기영이의 #프로페셔널#열정#시간촉박함#잔... cr: Eunjung's Instagram + Dinorawwrs + tiaradiadem
  10. cr: Star MK + Dinorawwrs + tiaradiadem
  11. jeonboram_0322: >_<♡ Cr: Boram's IG + Dinorawwrs + tiaradiadem
  12. hyominnn: 버거킹 앞. 7년전 (Trans: In front of Burger King. 7 years ago ) Update #2 (Showing herself 7 years later? ^^ ) cr: Hyomin's IG + Dinorawwrs + tiaradiadem
  13. We will now officially announce...that the world of Kpop are saved \0/
  14. I betted with some people that if she winks more than once, imma be a Songchin Then comes Soyeon's insta T.T But yes, its touching that T-ara members still DO checks twitter and stalks all of us sometimes Maybe they too are worried about us too~ I think behind the scenes they actually look after and update themselves of what we do~ ^^ >>>Yes i'm a Songchin now~
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