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  1. heyy thanks for the view! whats up?

  2. i know what you mean, some ppl don't know the the meaning of giving up xDD.

  3. Haha cleaning forums is fun. But not when there's so much ninja spammers around. Like srs bsns HARDCORE spammers. Trust me, I know ;)

  4. glad it isn't. that's already one member less i'll need to keep an eye on xDD.

    got too much free time now so i'm making hunting spammers as my hobby now xDD

  5. Np man. And don't worry about me spamming. Lol so not my cup of tea ;)

  6. i mean first time hehe

  7. lol, it's the first i'm getting such comment xD but Thanks hehe :D

  8. Dude you totally look like an action movie star! Frkn awesome man.

  9. Wow I love the gold! They look cute together :3 Kinda like they're ready to volt in rofl. Shame tho some members were missing Anyways thanks for the share
  10. Eep the black outfits are so sexy! Man can't wait for the MV to come out :3
  11. Yeah I'm glad you remember me tbh haha :) Anyways yeah was planning to join for quite some time but never really got the chance to do so until now that is. Haha. Nice meeting you here ;)

  12. rofl no way! as in Quickfoot? lmao i haven't talked to you in forever! gladd you joined DDM :3

  13. LOL except? 1st time hearing that tbh. :)) Why oh why?

  14. Lol it's me Quick from spec IDK if you remember tho ;)

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