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    music: Kpop, R&B, Hip Hop, House, Elektro
    Cars :D. not the American muscle cars but going 100% jap Style :p.

    party =D and food :p
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  1. im from the US but my ethnicity is mexican/puerto rican.......

  2. i'm only living here, also born in belgium but my ethnicity is Chinese well it's Hong Kong if we're going to get 100% right :P, didn't knew anyone here would know about belgium xD, and you're from?

  3. oh cool!!!! so is that ur ethnicity or do you just live there?

  4. yes i'm living in belgium :P

  5. i need to say this but Jiyeon was really the shining star . maybe being a bit too biased but you have to admit her moves were woow
  6. i wouldn't say she looks old. but it doesn't give that fresh feeling anyway all the heavy make-up, it's just me personal that's not really found of girls but too heavy make-up
  7. lol kinda expected that Boram would be the worse dancers among them. not so sure of Jiyeon is the best but she sure has some nice moves and rhythm in her body
  8. now that's a company that's more reasonable, letting their artists to date
  9. ANTHONY!!


    GbU ^^

  10. lol this is a big fail xD, their sister company aren't sending their artists xDD. i might sound rude but seriously, you can't pass by this news with a laugh
  11. really appreciate your effort in sharing this but we have a new format in posting photo's, ofc you couldn't know it but i'll fix this. and this could take a while xD
  12. nice, still a month to go, seriously was in need of new songs of T-ara i'll take that as my bday present of T-ara thahaha xDDD
  13. hmm by looking at the sops they passed and they look at it i'm guessing a little girl? but i can be totally wrong too xD. Thanks for sharing them
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