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  1. oh gosh thank you TvT i should have just login here instead earlier. been finding this t see. kkkkkkkkkkkk
  2. as expected~ jiyeon can pull this concept well kkkkkk! hope t see more photos soon~
  3. miss her long hair very much. thanks for sharing th cap. ^^
  4. I am so excited now!! Diadem always has new interesting things t motivate me t login here! XD XD
  5. i love their happy faces, esp qri's ^^ can't wait for their activities and esp PV.
  6. signing..??? where? LOL. awwww, I see Q. kkkkkkkkk! thanks for th photo
  7. totally love qri's fashion. omg.. is that areum? no makeup?????????? LOL. awww th girls are all so pretty ^^
  8. T.T thanks for th gifs! i can't wait for th PV t release. I wish it's HD and really clear quality.. cause PVs' always...........zzzzzz
  9. thanks for th gifs!!!! both of them so cute pls!! 8DDDDDDD
  10. qri on th phone again~ hahahahaha!! always sees her on th phone.
  11. omg th first photo. ahem *. hahahahhahaha!! so sexy as always
  12. so pretty. *+* i wish t see them real life too!!!
  13. thanks so much!! really love their sub unit songs (8 hope they win something soon! ^^
  14. they'er all so cute. kkk! esp eunjung.. cuz of her hair XD her hair this time really short again >.<!
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