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  1. Maru is also under Mnet !! something fishy's goin on in here >.<
  2. however Hwayoung gets famous because of T-ara , if she was in co-ed - her career went down hill 2 yrs ago now she brought tons of antis and probs. to T-ara -.- im worried abt their future - my ultimate bias group
  3. im so confused abt de twitter issue , sad and disappointed anyway , i wish good news will come why T-ara make it publicly ??? i think they'r trying to get out of CCM it's hard to be a royal Queen's heh !!!
  4. maybe she's nice and cute in real life but i just want her join in other group she's still young after 2/3 more yrs i dont get Y she has to debut rite now and in T-ara
  5. really impressed w/ Hyomin's drawing skill !!! also like Qri's and EJ's too i wannt Jicaso Dino's drawin is unique but i dont see it in this vid
  6. i dont like the addition!!! sorry but i may interest in her if she's in another group i dont care if she's pretty, sing well or whatever KKS thinks its good for T-ara its better if the 2 new mems are in the sub-group i just dont wanna see 9-ara on stage
  7. so she's gonna be a rapper or a sub vocal !!! >''< hah this is ridiculous All of them can sing, and most of them can rap I thought her vocal would be like surprisingly daebak, but then this.... I guess her role is to translate for T-ara and communicate to int. fans KKS has been around for too long, someone just needs to send him back to the hospital
  8. i think it's true since I see alot of M-Queen's on FB now I mean like everywhere umh but just make sure , is T-ara very popular in Malaysia
  9. OH I feel better now How was the concert ?? Soyeon was the only one get solo perf ??
  10. really ?? That's sad T-ara is not popular in Thailand hah !!! So how many Queen's do yu think did came to the concert
  11. I keep replaying Only You !!! that song and So's voice are so daebak seriously, CCM should buy this song for So
  12. 7th day and 7th month !! and comeback with 9-ARA >''< are yu out of ur mind KKS !!! Even at this moment I still hope that u r trolling us ( yu can name the 2 new girls little T-ara project or whatever , just dont ruin my 7 i'd be super duber perfect if they comeback w/ this song AS 7-ARA
  13. anybody answers meh !!! where are K-Queen's ((( Y r they so calm, I believe there's enough mem to start a petition but none has happened can we just do wat ELFs did when Suju was about to add 2 more members I feel depressed rite now
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